Lollipops, Sunshine, and rrrRRRrrr: Notes

Video: Various
Audio: The Bullet's Breath (Iniquity)
Awards: Otakon 2003 - Best Comedy, FanimeCon 2003 - Best Comedy, Best Overall (Judges' Choice)
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(Warning: Contains, um, "mature themes")

"You people are sick, sick, sick for liking that video." -- Matt Pyson

This video was inspired by Growl Karaoke, and uses a longer version of the song.

In the first four months of 2003 I was mostly tweaking old videos. I didn't have a very good idea for a video for Otakon, which had a deadline of the end of May, until I thought of this. (I had been planning on doing an Upbeat video for the con, rather than Comedy)

I found Growl Karaoke to be quite amusing. "Those rumblings are supposed to be English words?" I looked up the lyrics (they're quite grim) and, well, the vowel sounds sort of match... Anyway, although people have subtitled Japanese with fake English for a humourous effect, I couldn't recall someone subtitling poorly spoken English in an AMV. I originally thought of contrasting the "evilness" of the music with the cuteness of Card Captor Sakura. I came up with the idea of Sakura turning evil during the video shortly thereafter, and that part of the video turned out better than the original concept.

Although CCS is a long series, the fact that the video used mostly only one source (and a good quality one, at that) meant that it was completed more quickly than Right Now or Senshi On Springer. Unfortunately, a hard drive crash and other projects delayed the online release.

I was thinking of deleting the video after completing the first draft. The impact of it was hard for me to judge, but a few people convinced me to keep going with it. I was going to have "cute band" footage during the later instrumental portions, but figured the speech bubble cutaway scenes would be better, despite the further reliance on text.

I was not consciously thinking of the song "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows" when I came up with the title, but I guess that's sort of where it came from. I only realised afterwards when people were asking for "SLR" rather than "LSR".

The video uses more crude humour than I'm accustomed to using, but I couldn't help it when I saw some of those scenes. Oh well.

Thanks to Jingoro, AbsoluteDestiny, ErMaC, and DWChang for commenting on unreleased versions of the video.