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KDMD: Notes


KDMD: Notes

Video: Various
Audio: Ode to Joy (Beethoven)
Awards: AWA 5 (1999) - Fan Favourite, AnimeUSA'99 - Most Original/Creative

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(* Video spoilers *)

This is a takeoff of a trailer for Evangelion: Death and Rebirth. My version is "Kenny: Death and More Death".

After subtitling Rei's monologue with a faux-translation backstory I basically had a bunch of death and pain anime scenes where I replaced the anime characters with Kenny from South Park, or added Kenny to scenes.

That's pretty much it. It took about three weeks of weekends and various evenings.

Shot by shot info

(Before reading this... Were you familiar with all of the shows used?)

The video was mostly done with Adobe Premiere and Paint Shop Pro. The layering and smudge abilities got a lot of use. Fortunately, I was able to use some of the same tricks the original animators used. (repeating frames and panning)

Red kanji in box
The original says "News Flash". Mine says "Lampoon", as subtitled.
Top Secret screen
I changed the shape of the eyes, and "EVA" to "DMD".
Dancing kanji / Monologue
I simply moved up the letterboxed screen and subtitled it.
Riding Bean
This is the first one that I did. When Bean's flying into the car in the original, in one frame, he's on the right side of the screen. In the next, he's a little past midway into the screen. By taking part of the screen from one frame and sticking it on the other, I was able to get a "clean" background. Then I just stuck Kenny at the appropriate places, and the same with the car.
I just made a bluescreen of Kenny lying down and panned it up. He appears a little early, but so does Anthy. (well, not as early)
I cut out the hand, placed Kenny's head, and did another bluescreen pan. Hopefully the dark blotch covering the previous head isn't too visible at your brightness level.
Blazing Transfer Student
Cover up the old guy with Kenny, smudge out some leftovers, and repeat the same 4 frames! Woo!
Warp Kenny to fit on the board, and cut out the knives from the old animation and paste them on the new. (five frames worth)
Chibi-Ah! My Goddess
Cut out the gunfire blasts from the old animation, and paste them onto a new background.
Blue Seed
Cut out the plant thingie in each frame, and stick it on the new background. The new background required "making up" some of it that wasn't there before, since Momiji was covering it up.
Ninja Scroll
About nine frames of pasting Kenny over the other guy. (and erasing the stupid arm that was sticking out of Kenny's head)
Dragon Half
Get a clean copy of the sky from the end of the sequence and greenscreen it, then replace Damaramu with Kenny on a bluescreen, and pan the branch down. Then a few more frames at the end by hand.
Mononoke Hime
This one was the most work, but at AWA, it sounded like it was worth it. I went through about 31 frames "by hand" three times. First I pasted Kenny (body, head, and each arm separately on different layers) onto each frame. Then I deleted the rider. (done by copying similar parts of the image over unwanted portions and then "smudging") Finally I redid the cloud background since it didn't work right the first time.
Ranma 1/2
Replace P-chan with Kenny and remove the ears. If it's not obvious (in the fraction of a second it's on the screen), Kenny's face is purple because Azusa is strangling him.
Replace Mokona with Kenny, and remove the ears.
Fushigi Yuugi
Another replacement. I had to move the blanket to make it look right.
Just paint Kenny onto a few frames. La la la...
A little harder than I expected... I was just going to do another pan, but the camera movement wasn't linear. I just painted Kenny onto about 30 frames one-by-one, using a fencepost as a guide to where to place him in each shot.
Except for a few custom frames, this was 4 or 5 frames repeated over and over. I painted Kenny over Naga, and then erased her arms.
The red kanji said something like "director", and the white read "Hideaki Anno". Changed to "doki doki puro".
Head shots
Replaced Kaworu with Kenny. Kenny's a little blurry when blown up (not that kind of blown up) since my stock graphic was a little small.
Title screen
Before: Shin Seiki Evangelion: "Movie Edition" After: Nihon de no Kenny (Kenny in Japan): Movie Edition
Another screen
Before: "Angel" and "Rebirth" After: "Kenny" and "Death".
Yet another screen
Before: "Evangelion: Death and Rebirth" After: "Kenny: Death and More Death"
Final screen!
Before: Notice about 1997 roadshow and a bunch of small white blurry Japanese I didn't look at. After: My credit screen. (The Japanese says "1999 [fall]: Year of the Parody")

What didn't make it

Some scenes I had in mind, but didn't work or wouldn't fit:

I had Ryu performing a fireball cut to the South Park episode "Volcano" where a fireball lands on Kenny, but it was too long and didn't work.
I thought about having the monster in Tenchi OAV 1 stomp him instead of the old lady, but the transparency in the shot made it too tricky. I also wanted to have Ryoko and Ayeka pulling him apart instead of Tenchi, but didn't have a shot of that handy.
Having Mink "flame" Kenny would've been neat, but I decided to go with the falling scene instead. Or the blowdart scene would've been cute.
I looked at falling scenes from 3x3 Eyes and Battle Angel, but there was nothing in the scenes to place the shows.
Sofia blasting Kenny -- went with knives instead.
Armitage shooting Kenny -- got cut.

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