The Lacrosse Plus Standards Guide v1.0 dictates the following:

  • There shall be two seasons per year. Seasons shall consist of 100 matches. From 2XXX.02 to 2XXX.06 and from 2XXX.08 to 2XXX.12, matches will be held from days 01 to 24, excluding days evenly divisible by 5.
  • Seasons will conclude with the two leading teams competing in the best-of-seven tournament Lacrosse 7. These matches are scheduled on 2XXX.01.01-07 and 2XXX.07.01-07.
  • Matches shall be two hours as follows. 8:30PM-9:25PM - first half. 9:35-10:30PM - second half. Times are EST.
  • There shall be no other breaks. Teams should have sufficient player reserve to allow this, and judgements on play will be made on-the-fly by electronic rule-based monitoring and administration systems. Hence, there will be no physical referee. Minor fouls will cause the offender to be automatically moved away from the foul area and the ball being surrendered if necessary. Major fouls may result in free shots and/or the player being ejected.
  • Season scoring shall be two points for a win, one point for a tie, and zero points for a loss.
  • The standard arena shall be 1000m wide, 2000m long, and 1000m tall. The goal shall be 30m wide and 30m tall. Depending on the type of play, the goal may be either on the ground or raised.
  • Teams shall consist of ten active players, plus any non-active reserves desired and available.
  • Play shall start with two players "drawing" in the centre, with their sticks back to back with the ball in between. Global system locks shall be released from a central command with a cry of "Fight!", after which the ball is pushed up and out, and attack and defence wings will form to retrieve and block it.
  • Stick pockets may or may not allow cradling at the discretion of the overseer.
  • Checking (striking an opponent's stick) is allowed.
  • Only the goalie is allowed in a predetermined hemispherical area around the goal. This will be enforced by the system.
  • Mecha may travel out of the playing boundaries, but not outside of the arena or directly towards crowds.
  • The ball will be programmed to not go out of bounds and to reflect instead.
  • Weapons are allowed in Lacrosse 7, but may only be simulated for Lacrosse Plus. (See Gear)
  • Stealth and autopilot systems shall not be used. Combat computers are allowed.
- Lacrosse Plus Governing Board

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