(The term "projectile" is used in some official materials, but the name hasn't caught on over the ubiquitous "ball")
Fully equipped with anti-gravity means and intelligent processing, the projectile makes L+ a true extension of a two-dimensional sport into three dimensions, with all of the (adjustable) physical parameters that apply. It also contains programming to not leave the arena boundaries.


Ranging between 20 and 40 feet tall and made of a solid titanium frame with reinforced steel wire for the pocket, the stick (also known as the crosse) is used by players to transfer the ball into the other team's goal.


In a move that has been deemed controversial by some, weapons have been allowed in the sport from the beginning. For the Lacrosse Plus season, however, weapons, forces inflicted by them, and damage are all simulated, to keep repair costs down. (maintenance is still required as a result of mecha-to-mecha contact) In Lacrosse 7, however, the restrictions are removed and anything goes. The sizeable winnings, and consolation prize, funded by the sponsors ensure that losses can be sustained. Different types of weapons are allowed, but the Lacrosse Plus Governing Board (LPGB) ensures that things are kept as fair as possible. Weapons are often of the energy variety, though missiles or other projectile weapons are allowed. (Many of the current mecha have the limitation that all missiles must be fired or ejected before they can transform to soldier mode)

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