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2047.07.26: Shinsei Industries Introduces New L+ Stick Model

Shinsei Industries today unveiled their new LS1001 stick design which incorporates a gun into the shaft of the crosse. Previously, many players held the stick in one hand, and had a gun available for the other to use. Some pilots surveyed say they choose not to upgrade at this time, but will be watching how well the stick works in the hands of others. Shinsei hopes the LS1001 will replace gun pods such as those from Howard Industries. In what is seen as an act of goodwill, the company is making the stick available for all teams in Lacrosse Plus.

2047.07.07: Lacrosse 7 2047H1 Concludes

The PM, and many of the Lacrosse Plus founders were among the first to congratulate the YF-21s in their drawn-out battle to defeat the YF-19s 4 games to 3. (See you next season!)

2047.07.01: Lacrosse 7 2047H1 Begins

Prime Minister Matthew Enzen was once again on hand to open the first match in the first ever Lacrosse 7 tournament, which resulted in the YF-21s defeating the YF-19s 6-4. Enzen said of the event, "I can't think of a better way to celebrate Canada's 180th birthday."

2047.06.25: Competitors For First Lacrosse 7 Match Determined

After a hundred gruelling games, it has finally been determined that the YF-19s and the YF-21s will be the first teams ever to compete in Lacrosse 7, a pairing that many had hoped for. The teams will have the next week to prepare, while fans wait anxiously for the tournament.
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2047.02.01: First Lacrosse Plus Game

Prime Minister Matthew Enzen today attended a ceremony to release the locks to start the first match of Lacrosse Plus, which had been sold out for months. The game was between the VF-11s and the YF-19s in Neo-Ottawa's brand new Leios Facility. Audience members were enthralled with the new sport, and the evening ended with the YF-19 team winning 20-7.

2046.11.18: Lacrosse Plus Preparations Underway

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More details have recently been released to the press about the changing of hands of several mecha and sizeable quantities of money over the last few weeks. It is related to the recent construction of the gigantic sports arenas in Neo-Ottawa and on Vancouver Island, which people had been assuming would hold several separate activities. In a recent interview, Jonathan Hanafin confirmed that with the wars being over, some of the unused mecha will now be used for a new sport on a scale that has not been seen before. He further added that tickets will be available shortly.

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