Lacrosse Plus: 2047.06.25 News Item

Commentary on completion of first L+ Pre-L7 season

(Commentary from after last night's game. Commentators are Alexander Parris and Tony Thornton)

Alex: Well, this concludes what seems to have been almost a given for some time now, the YF-19s and the YF-21s will compete in the first ever Lacrosse 7 matchup.
Tony: Yes, Alex. It seems that the YF-19s have just about dominated this season.
A: Right. This sport could really use more teams to balance things out some more, and provide more competition, but it's understandable that with something of this scale, still in its infancy, that it'll take some time.
T: Just to review those scores now... YF-19s and YF-21s were first and second with 71 and 61, the VF-11s came third with 39 and the X-9As came in last with 29.
A: And there's nothing wrong with that... This is such a new sport, it'll take time getting used to things. Also, those fighters are the newest kids on the block and perhaps they also take some getting used to. Of course, while this is a larger scale sport, we don't quite have a full military budget to handle things the way we'd always like.
T: On the other hand, now, the VF-11s are the oldest machine in the League, and while there should be some experienced pilots out there, the units might just not get used that much any more outside the League, and people have gotten rusty. Or perhaps the units on the team were just a little too old.
A: Yeah. I guess the YF-19s and YF-21s just met in the middle somewhere.
T: And they'll be meeting in about a week to determine the first winner of Lacrosse 7, during which the other teams could take some time to get a little more up to speed.
A: Right, and however it turns out, the first L7 matchup should be very exciting, since they'll be using real artillery now instead of the simulated stuff.
T: Absolutely. Well, it seems we've run out of time already, due to the extra celebration coverage coming up. <turning to camera> As for Lacrosse 7, we hope to see you there.
A: If you can still find tickets. <laughing>

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