On 2046.09.14, after many of the tumultuous areas of the world had settled, plans were put in motion and swiftly executed to usher in a new era of competition. Enhanced production of mecha during the wars now found many of them out of use, and the heads of some of the major manufacturers acquired some of the surplus back and refurbished them for use in a new sport: Lacrosse Plus.

Before this time, most sports had been hardsuit based, having supplanted the unprotected era of sport. Now with L+ and full mecha battling it out (in "friendly" competition), many fans have been won over from the some of the older hardsuit sports like Hockey 2, Basketbrawl, and Iridaden. (affectionately referred to by fans as 'den-bo') So swift was its execution and acceptance worldwide, Lacrosse Plus almost immediately replaced Lacrosse as Canada's national sport.

There are two L+ seasons per year, consisting of several matches to determine who will compete in the Lacrosse 7 tournament, where the finest teams compete in a best of seven matchup. (Lacrosse 7 is sponsored by several large Japanese conglomerates)

Currently there are only four teams in the Lacrosse Plus League, but the possibility of introducing others is being considered for future seasons. More details about scheduling and other information about the sport can be found in the Rules and other sections.

The Lacrosse Plus creed: Skill - Determination - Fortitude

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