Christmas Lights 2004

2005/01/06 - Every year I think about taking pictures of the Christmas
lights in downtown Ottawa, and every year I forget. Except this year.
It was cold and snowing, for extra reflectivity... and frostbite!
Sorry for the blurriness.

>>> A view of Confederation Park. >>> A view of the Mackenzie King bridge.
<<< Trees along the Rideau Canal. <<< I should have taken more pictures like this one, but it didn't look as interesting on the LCD. (better one below)
>>> Views from Confederation Park.
<<< Lord Elgin hotel. <<< Aboriginal Veterans War Memorial.
<<< One of the first thoughts that came to mind was "stationary fireworks".
>>> National War Memorial. >>> Brigadier Andrew Hamilton Gault of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. (see plaque below)
>>> Shots from Sparks Street Mall.
<<< Sparks Street Mall.
>>> The Christmas tree in front of the National Capital Commission.
<<< Terry Fox statue. <<< The Eternal Flame. (a.k.a. Centennial Flame)
>>> Parliament Hill, including the Peace Tower.
<<< Inuksuk, and plaque with information on Nunavut.
>>> The Locks.
<<< The Rideau Centre. <<< They were using the newer LED lights there.
>>> For some reason the thought of the question mark in front of the clock face amused me. >>> Hello little shrub.
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