Winterlude 2006

Pictures taken at Winterlude, the greatest winter
celebration in North America. (2006/02/18)

Crystal Garden
(Ice sculptures)

>>> Welcome to Winterlude...
Watch your step.
<<< People working on sculptures.
>>> The coloured inukshuk was one of the more striking pieces. People could make their own small ones with the fragments provided.
<<< Unseasonably warm weather in the first weekend damaged some of the sculptures. Or maybe someone just had ice rage. :)
<<< They had a contest to create a new BeaverTail recipe, but the chocolate syrup froze.:)

Snowflake Kingdom
(Snow sculptures)

vvv Below: An ice slide, and a not very labyrinthine labyrinth.
<<< An Iroquois longhouse. Someone asked if the latticework was a prison, but it was just made to stop kids from touching the stuff.

Night Ice


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