Team Fortress 2 Pics

I went through my TF2 screenshots folder and picked a number of stills that showed interesting effects, poses, or camera angles. Here you go. (2008/03/22)

I'm winner! It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue. A spy avenges me. Serves you right for sniping me!
Bad camera! No biscuit! Bad camera! No biscuit! Bad camera! No biscuit! Bad camera! No biscuit!
A look at the sniper muzzle flash. Nifty explosion haze. Just after firing a rocket. Even sooner.
Nice patch/logo/blur/whatever. I laugh in the face of fire! Hoo-ahh! Teamwork!
I'm going to gut you like a cornish game hen. I'm not even winded! More muzzle flash. Don't you hate it when they taunt after killing you?
I like these "blowing apart" scenes. Another blowing apart scene. And another. Still life - head.
A spy cloaking.  It almost looks like little hearts are surrounding the demoman in the background. A look at the teleporter effect. Neat embossing-like effect. Neat fire + glow effect.
I think I vill haff a nap right here... Yes, this <i>is</i> my best side... Burn, baby, burn! Some sort of healing yaoi moment.
I don't actually know how I got here.  I spawned here and was stuck for the rest of the match, and saw some teleporter error messages. Well hello there... Look out behind you! So serene...
Yep.  All brawn, no brains. I think this was before they fixed the "swimming in the floor" bug.  That was a fun one. The killcam pointing at nothing is common, but amusing here with the server message. When ubered, the eyes seem to go yellow.
Just chillin'. Just chillin' 2. Some funky new dance move. The combination of the pose and the name amuses me.
This looks painful. Ouch. This looks like a "self-taken emo MySpace" pic. Let me just inspect this rocket launcher here... (I get that texture problem once in a while)
Now this is just creepy. I'm not even sure what the camera is looking at. Look! Up in the sky! SO MUCH BLOOD!
Twins! More twins! Gravity just kicked in, yo. I'm so HAPPY!
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