Otakon 2005

(Pictures from trip to Otakon... 2005/08/18-21)

>>> Baltimore archimatecture.
<<< I stopped by the "How to Make Video Games" panel briefly in the middle. (I don't know who was running it) They seem to be using C++Builder. <<< AMV Panel: Matt Pyson, Meri+Mike, McKeed. Obscured: DWChang.
>>> Crowd scenes.
<<< "I don't need no peaches! ('Cause I got me another plumber!)" --kinchan
>>> Cosplay!
What is this from?

Purple Tentacle = awesome.
Purple Tentacle Vash = WIN!

Burninating the artists' alley... burninating the convention...



(What is this from?)
<<< Cute HoiHoi figure I got. (I got the one I wanted on the first try :) <<< Crying emo bush. <in-joke>
>>> Water + Heat = Steam.
The world can be saved by steam.
>>> As you can see... this is the end.
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