Anime Evolution 2006

Anime Evolution 2006 was held at Simon Fraser University's Burnaby Mountain Campus in Burnaby, British Columbia,
just outside of Vancouver. Sorry about some of the blurry shots. (2006/08/19-21)

The event was held on the Simon Fraser University campus. The open air stage was a nice place for main events. In terms of cities, Vancouver is a beautiful alternative to stinky Baltimore. (ie: Otakon)
This Chise (<a href="">Saikano</a>) was one of the best cosplayers I saw there. Hmm... Chise vs Wolfwood... I didn't feel like bugging people to take their photos, so just took some while other people were taking them.
Since I'm so used to going to US conventions, I almost asked them if they were from Canada. A <a href=">Hard Gay</a> cosplayer.
Although the stage was covered, the weather was fine throughout the weekend. Earlier there was also a fight with a Spike cosplayer. Out of my shots of the <a href="">ZZ</a> concert, this was the least blurry, unfortunately. After discarding most of my lousy pictures, I thought this one looked blurry in the most interesting way.
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