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This Video Sucks: Notes


This Video Sucks: Notes

Video: Various
Audio: Life's Gonna Suck (Denis Leary)
Awards: Anime North 2002 - Momiji no Video Award, Best Master, Best Comedy, Otakon 2002 - Comedy Runner-up

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Life really does suck.

    - This video was played at Anime North with no sound.
    - When it was played at Anime Expo, the fields were reversed.
    - At Otakon, there was another video in the contest with the same song.
    (not catastrophic, but I didn't have anything else bad to say for that con)

I hope this isn't construed as whining -- I found it funny when the Anime North contest organiser said "This really sucks" as the video started playing, upon realising what had happened. I just wanted to mention the above, since it's in keeping with the song's theme.

In early 2002, I was working on improving my old videos, and it was really getting tedious. I was thinking about quitting making videos. Anime North's deadline was coming up, and I was thinking of not entering. I figured, "what the heck", and made this video pretty much in a weekend. The video's title is meant to reflect that fact, as well as tie in with the song title. (when the title came up at Otakon, I heard "It better suck!" :-))

The little bit of fanservice at the beginning is supposed to represent the "growing up" part of the song, since the rest of it goes with the "life sucking" part. I didn't do much searching for footage. (ie: scanning) These are some of the most memorable (to me) scenes in anime. I was trying to think of something different to put for the instrumental, but couldn't come up with anything. (I had that DVD handy for another scene, anyway)

The other video with this song that played at Otakon is here.
It was his first video, and using only one show is more challenging.
Give him a hand! :-)

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