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The K-Team: Notes


The K-Team: Notes

Video: Bubblegum Crisis OAV
Audio: A-Team Theme Song (Mike Post/Pete Carpenter)
Awards: Katsucon 5 (1999) - Third Place

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Fortunately, this one took less time than my first -- a few nights rather than a few months, plus tweaking later on. This one has a higher frame rate than Ranma Kombat, so it's smoother. I now work on a Pentium 166 (oooh...) with a bigger hard drive, and updated ATI software with an "ATI VCR" option that can capture 320x240 at 30fps. Now that I've got the framerate beat, hopefully I can fix the cropping problem with a new capture card.

I didn't use the music as a guide for this one, I used the TV show opening. I captured it and found the video cut points, and then tried to emulate the opening as much as possible when choosing clips for it. The A-Team hasn't played in Canada for as long as I can remember, but I taped it from fX via satellite. (I think they stopped playing it in Fall'98) Sadly, the reception wasn't that good, but I was fortunate to find an MP3 of the song at The Rival's A-Team Website. Due to slight differences between that version of the song and the one I had been working from, there was a last-minute crisis (no pun intended) where I had to cut a Mackie scene. Boo hoo.

Here's the breakdown of how I felt the characters fit:
(They appear in this order in both openings)

Sylia = Hannibal
Linna = Face
Mackie = Random girl
Nene = "Howling Mad" Murdock
Priss = B.A. Baracus (some remember him simply as Mr. T)

Sylia and Priss were obvious choices to me. I was concerned at first because there's a scene in The A-Team opening where B.A. hangs out with kids, and I remembered that despite his tough exterior, he's a nice guy. On rewatching the BGC OAVs, however, I recalled that Priss hangs out with kids too, like at the boy's birthday party. Neat.

As for Linna, she and Face seem like relatively "straight" characters. And Nene... I know I'm gonna get it for casting her as Murdock. ^_^; Think about it... Murdock spends time away from the team at the sanitarium, and Nene spends time away from the team at ADPolice HQ. Yeah, that's it... Okay, maybe that wasn't such a good rationalization. On another note, I can see why Nene has her fans. There were a lot of good scenes of her to choose from.

You may be wondering about "Random girl". I didn't know what to do with Mackie, but on seeing episodes of The A-Team, it seems that they have a fifth "member" in certain seasons. In the final season, it's some guy, and in the middle seasons there's a girl named "Amy" for some episodes, but I'm not sure if it's the same all the time. So anyway, that worked out, though it was suggested that maybe I could have chosen Leon.

What do Sylia and Linna really say during that scene at the end?
According to AnimEigo's subtitles:

Sylia: And what would you ladies like?
Linna: (after a few lines) Uh, you mean these panties go for 20,000,000?

(Note: This video was redone in 2002 from DVD. The A-Team currently plays on Deja View)

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