Drop The Bomb: Notes

Video: Various
Audio: Drop The Bomb (Scotty D)
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Explosions edited to the beat isn't very imaginative, but dangit, that's what I like seeing!

Okay, seriously...
When track selection came up for the third DDR Project, Brad Demoss said I could use the Young Forever video I had already completed, but I didn't want to bypass the selection system in that way. I had hoped to get this track, but it went to Scott Melzer. I got Era instead. (also a good song, but I didn't have any good ideas for it) Unfortunately Scott had to drop out, so I was able to trade Era for this track.

After my slightly out-of-whack second DDR Project video, I wanted this one to be "fun". As such, there are a few "gags" that I couldn't resist including. There is also some, as some might call it, "shameless lyric sync".

My other DDR Project videos have a "clean" opening and ending, but due to the way the songs were mixed, I included the 5 seconds at the beginning and end of the video that we were to include in order to mix the videos together. I like some of the edits at the beginning, anyway.