Anime Idol: Notes

Video: Various
Audio: Seize the Light (Globe)

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In 2004, someone at Otakon contacted me about doing an introductory video for their "Otaku Idol" karaoke-style event. I was provided with the song by Globe, and found various clips of "idols", or simply characters who happened to be singing at one point, to set to it. The video starts and ends with characters from Idol Project, which was an obvious choice, and contains other various singing figures from anime and Japanese music. I had originally ended with a clip from L'Arc~en~Ciel, who performed at Otakon that year, but it was decided that that wasn't a wise move given that they'd be at the con. It was replaced with a clip from Globe, in a bit of self-referentialism.

It's not a comedy video, but I tried to throw in a few humourous choices. For those that don't know, Kyoko Date is a "Virtual Idol" created in 1996. This video was my first time using After Effects, which was used for the ending sequence. It didn't turn out as well as I'd have liked, but I tried, given the time I had available.

Thanks to Red Apple Productions for the J-Music footage.