In Spring 2010, @terebifunhouse started the #animeconprotip hashtag on Twitter, which quickly filled with sarcastic suggestions for what people should or shouldn't do at conventions. I collected them into this compilation in order to remove retweets/hashtags and fix typos. (You can see the original tweet by clicking on the username) It also let me add my own subject tag and rating system. (Double-)Click on the headers to sort. --@doki2 (email)

04-21 22:23 1 sleep @terebifunhouse You can always crash w/ friends, or friends of friends, or a video room or a lobby couch, or under a table.
04-21 22:23 2 sleep @sasuraiger You don't NEED a hotel room: I'm sure there'll be SOMETHING at the con that's open all night!
04-21 22:23 1 events @terebifunhouse Events the con didn't plan, promote, or ever intend on having are the best events to complain about.
04-21 22:25 -4 hallways @terebifunhouse Doorways are to stop in. Hallways are to text in. Dealers rooms are to have fistfights in. Dealers are to shoplift from.
04-21 22:26 0 skits @terebifunhouse The convention won't let you force 1500 people to watch your dumb-ass skit? Just do it in the lobby! It's your lobby too!
04-21 22:28 2 drama @terebifunhouse Big emo drama brewing? Have it out at the con and be forced to spend rest of weekend with people you just told to f** off.
04-21 22:30 12 transport @terebifunhouse You should ensure your car's in good shape before going to cons. Sadly you can't afford to do this -you go to too many cons.
04-21 22:32 1 cosplay @terebifunhouse Photogs- always halt cosplayers for photos! Cosplayers- always stop dead still for all photos when & wherever asked!
04-21 22:32 -2 cosplay @terebifunhouse Didn't win the costume contest? Obviously it was rigged big time.
04-21 22:36 7 cosplaynazi @terebifunhouse 50 years of anime, 14,000 characters, but you HAVE to cosplay as 1 of 2 Nazis. How dare Bar Mitzvah next door get offended?
04-21 22:36 0 weapons @andrepaploo The sharper the prop weapon, the better! Don't let staff ruin your awesome costume you totally bought on Ebay.
04-21 22:37 7 recursive @terebifunhouse Fired from your job because you took too much time off for anime cons? That's OK, now you can go to more anime cons!
04-21 22:38 5 guests @terebifunhouse Somebody nobody ever heard of worked on a show nobody saw? He'd make a perfect anime con guest! Start bugging cons now!
04-21 22:39 0 weapons @terebifunhouse when con rules say "no live steel" they REALLY mean, "all other metals are OK." it's only steel they're worried about.
04-21 22:40 6 parents @terebifunhouse Mom - looking for your 17 yr old at the con? Tell staff she's 12 and missing and watch the Amber Alert fun begin!
04-21 22:46 -2 music @andrepaploo Want to promote your rap music? Tack on an anime theme, and those cons will start rolling out the dough!
04-21 22:52 3 yaoi @sasuraiger Underage? Want yaoi doujins? I'm sure that guy will sleep with you for them. @exedore_uk went to sleep before posting this
04-21 22:52 12 marco @DarylSurat You don't need blindfolds or a swimming pool to play Marco Polo. Just shout it nonstop for 72 hours! Everyone can play!
04-21 22:53 8 booze @botoggle Nobody can tell you're drinking if it's in a Powerade bottle. (courtesy @exedore_uk)
04-21 22:56 2 signs @sasuraiger Your body is an advertising surface and the product being sold: you can't afford NOT to hold or wear a sign!
04-21 22:57 7 ego @terebifunhouse if you can't hold a grudge over some trivial wrong done you by con staff for AT LEAST ten years, you aren't really trying.
04-21 22:57 21 stuff @DarylSurat Anime cons = the BEST place for raves, videogame tournaments, gothloli, steampunk, fire dancing, furry, foam swordfights,
robot cars, indie wrestling, local bands, renfaire battles, US cartoons/comics, Star Trek. Anime? There's cosplay/hentai!
04-21 22:58 3 cosplay @terebifunhouse Not annoying enough? A gigantic cosplay prop will ensure your ability to annoy complete strangers for yards around!
04-21 22:59 1 cosplay @terebifunhouse Yes we know it's a Japanese cartoon con, but everybody has to see your pirate, Stormtrooper, Indiana Jones costume!!
04-21 23:00 4 cosplay @terebifunhouse Need a fast costume? A pair of goggles turns ANY OUTFIT into an amazing Steampunk creation that will wow the crowds!
04-21 23:00 6 cosplay @terebifunhouse Need a fast costume? A pair of cat ears turns ANY OUTFIT into an amazing anthropomorphic creation that will wow the crowds!
04-21 23:03 1 videogames @terebifunhouse Maybe you didn't pay for a badge, but that doesn't mean you can't complain bitterly about the con's lame Halo tournament.
04-21 23:05 4 hotel @terebifunhouse Leaving valuables in a unsecured hotel room full of people you just met? Always a good idea
04-21 23:06 4 booze @terebifunhouse Do you become violently ill every time you drink? Maybe the parties at THIS con will be the exception! Sure, why not?
04-21 23:08 3 guests @terebifunhouse -they call it "stalking guests", but you know it really means "being their NUMBER ONE FAN!!"
04-21 23:09 5 music @terebifunhouse everybody knows the best place to see live music is a hotel ballroom, not some "nightclub" where they sell "beer".
04-21 23:10 3 health @hoover_dam Sleep, meals, showers, these things are all optional
04-21 23:11 13 money @DarylSurat When paying for hotels, always get the money from everyone on SUNDAY, once everyone's made all their pocky & porn purchases.
04-21 23:12 7 ecchi @hoover_dam It's loli and/or shota, not child porn, you uneducated louts; you just aren't as enlightened about sexuality as the Japanese
04-21 23:13 3 memes @ota_g Not getting enough attention at home? At an anime con you have an eager audience just ready to hear you shout internet memes
04-21 23:13 2 money @hoover_dam @DarylSurat Also, you can only check out through the front desk, not via phone, tv, or computer.
04-21 23:14 3 fanart @andrepaploo Meeting an artist in Artist Alley is ALWAYS the best time to bring up the topic of your favourite fetish!
04-21 23:15 3 hygiene @ShadowbladeEdge Showers? That's time you're wasting that you could be using to look for porn.
04-21 23:15 3 ego @terebifunhouse Q&A with guests at panels, always include lots of personal information with your questions. Other fans want to know YOU!
04-21 23:16 1 panels @andrepaploo Keep talking nonsense at that person hosting the panel, and eventually they'll let you take over!
04-21 23:17 6 hallways @andrepaploo The cement convention floor is an excellent place to practice gymnastics! Aim for the Olympics, young Narutard!
Your skull's jam-like innards are going to be totally okay when they hit the floor, because you're a NINJA!
04-21 23:20 9 food @DarylSurat You may only eat Japanese/Chinese food while at an anime convention. Find the nearest Panda Express and TEAR THAT MOTHER UP.
04-21 23:27 2 ego @terebifunhouse Just because they didn't invite you, that doesn't mean you aren't a guest! FORCE your way into that green room!
04-21 23:28 3 creepy @Battlehork Be sure to accost strangers who look like they just happen to be there coincidentally and discuss Queen's Blade or Qwazer
04-21 23:29 2 hotel @La_Franziska For extreme comfort, cram at least 10 people in one tiny motel room! Showers and deodorant are optional!
04-21 23:29 4 fanart @terebifunhouse Artist Alley can be many things. For you it can be a place to sell bootleg T-shirts and a table to sleep under!
04-21 23:31 1 dealers @sasuraiger Man, the cool new hashtag is definitely #animeconprotip: by the way, did you know the dealer's room is a great place to practice your jutsu?
04-21 23:31 -2 ego @andrepaploo Anime cons aren't about anime! They're about getting onto your favourite YouTube show!
04-21 23:31 2 memes @timmaughan nothing says good time for all like screaming this week's Internet memes at the top of your voice in the hallway!
04-21 23:33 3 ego @terebifunhouse Anime con staff fails to acknowledge your web page about the convention? HATE THEM FOREVER
04-21 23:34 16 memes @terebifunhouse Do you think there are people at the con who might not know the cake is a lie? Better not take that chance!
04-21 23:34 3 cosplay @La_Franziska Want to get a start on your modeling career? Cosplaying at cons is the way to go! You don't even have to know what anime is!
04-21 23:34 6 yaoi @sdshamshel Nothing says you're cool like making out with another guy to attract a circle of fangirls.
04-21 23:35 1 panels @terebifunhouse Great programming suggestion - panels about people doing panels about doing panels at anime cons
04-21 23:36 0 dealers @sasuraiger Can't afford that luxury otaku item? Dealers are required to accept your sexual favors!
04-21 23:36 3 music @botoggle It's been nearly fifteen minutes since we last heard Caramelldansen here in the reg pickup line -- but you can fix that!
04-21 23:38 3 cosplay @La_Franziska Did a movie based on a comic come out recently? Better cosplay as the most popular character! You'll be so unique!
04-21 23:38 1 panels @sdshamshel The best anime panels are the ones that just feed into your audience's myopic view of their favorite shows.
04-21 23:38 3 industry @ANNZac Did Funimation not announce your favorite show? During the Q&A, ask them if they did! Maybe they were waiting for you to ask!
04-21 23:39 2 cosplay @terebifunhouse Need a fast cosplay idea? Get a CARDBOARD BOX out of the GARBAGE and WEAR IT ON YOUR HEAD.
04-21 23:40 2 money @andrepaploo Offer to make out with people in the hallways to boost your con spending money! Prostitution is where it's at!
04-21 23:40 5 ecchi @sasuraiger Go ahead, touch her. You're in character!
04-21 23:41 2 weapons @terebifunhouse Great sekrit storage place for your $300 ninja weapons - under a table in the hotel lobby
04-21 23:42 7 guests @vamptvo All voice actors are contractually obligated to speak sexually inappropriate lines in character.
04-21 23:43 3 cosplay @vamptvo Nobody ever thinks to cosplay as Ed Elric.
04-21 23:44 -1 cosplay @Cadha13 You can take all the photos you want in the bathroom of the cosplayers, they're in character!
04-21 23:44 4 thegame @Athena_chan The game is the most important thing ever, make t-shirts and signs to ensure that everyone else loses
04-21 23:45 3 useful @rjmeily That coffee machine in your room can be very helpful in making hot ramen, tea, and soup if you bring some chicken bullion.
04-21 23:45 2 guests @ANNZac If you agree to buy Vic Mignogna's lunch, he'll definitely return your emails after the con!
04-21 23:45 0 guests @Cadha13 Ask the guests if they can go to your room, even if they are guys.
04-21 23:46 1 hugs @La_Franziska It's perfectly okay to glomp anyone cosplaying as your favorite character. They'll love you for it!
04-21 23:46 3 cosplay @andrepaploo Don't bother with a bra. Your boobs have a mind of their own, and will not fall out of your skimpy, ill-fitting costume
04-21 23:47 1 hygiene @rjmeily showers are very overrated during a con! /sarcasm
04-21 23:47 1 hugs @gerjomarty Make sure you give a free hug to as many people as you can! They just can't wait to hug you!
04-21 23:47 0 cosplay @andrepaploo And for the guys, underwear is totally optional for those spandex tights your mom sewed! You're in character!
04-21 23:47 3 cosplay @sdshamshel Cosplay is an activity for everyone to enjoy. Except that bitch who totally doesn't deserve it. Is her dress made of FELT?
04-21 23:48 0 ego @sasuraiger You're definitely the funniest guy in this room. Hell, you could talk over this whole showing and nobody would mind!
04-21 23:48 1 hugs @Athena_chan Love free hugs? Make a sign saying that you give them away and everyone will want to hug you no matter how creepy you look.
04-21 23:49 -1 hygiene @rpguy_ad Soap and deodorant only waste space in your bags. You'll be just fine if you miss three days' worth of showers!
04-21 23:49 2 hugs @MichaelToole Starved for affection? That's OK! Hugs are FREE, especially if you advertise with a handwritten cardboard sign!
04-21 23:49 -1 videogames @La_Franziska Handing over the game controller to the next person waiting? That's crazy talk. Play Melty Blood to your heart's content!
04-21 23:50 -3 hugs @timmaughan teenage girls: insist on hugging my g/f ensuring that she feels uncomfortable and never wants to come with me again.
04-21 23:50 0 yaoi @sdshamshel Carrying around paddles establishes you as a connoisseur of yaoi in the eyes of others.
04-21 23:50 0 ego @vamptvo Yeah, guest Q&As are for learning about guests, but more importantly they're for you to show off your vast anime knowledge.
04-21 23:50 1 kids @andrepaploo A teen annoyed by little kids at your con? Complain to adult staff members about how immature they are!
04-21 23:51 2 panels @terebifunhouse make sure to get on as many con panels as you can, they lead to great things - namely, more anime con panels.
04-21 23:52 -1 dealers @Athena_chan For some fun try on every single hat for sale at a booth and then walk away not buying anything, dealers & artists love that!
04-21 23:52 2 thegame @DasGreggo "The Game" is the most hilarious thing ever, and you should make sure to tell every third person you see that they lost it.
04-21 23:52 0 rules @vamptvo Staffers who kick you out for "unruly conduct" are just lame adults who don't understand your love for Light Yagami.
04-21 23:52 0 memes @Thedigitalbug shouting memes in the hallways will make you look cool in the eyes of your peers
04-21 23:52 -1 crossplay @rpguy_ad Guys: Dressing like Sailor Moon is TOTALLY normal. They're not laughing at you - just with you.
04-21 23:52 3 screaming @ANNZac Whenever you see something you like or even simply recognize, let others know by screaming your loudest.
04-21 23:52 2 feedback @hoover_dam The best time to air your grievance about something requiring immediate attention by con staff is 3 weeks after the fact
04-21 23:55 2 marco @rpguy_ad EVERYBODY loves a game of Marco Polo in the middle of 15,000 people! You won't piss off the people around you by screaming!
04-21 23:55 1 bootleg @andrepaploo Print out stuff you found on Deviant Art and sell it at your table! No one will notice!
04-21 23:55 3 hygiene @Omega_Zed SHOWER!!
04-21 23:55 2 japanese @sdshamshel Make sure to ask all of your questions in five-minute long strings of broken Japanese. Without translating for everyone.
04-21 23:55 0 cosplay @TexasDevin Your cosplay is only complete when you have bare feet, but the escalator doesn't know that.
04-21 23:55 0 staff @andrepaploo Crying at staff will solve EVERYTHING!
04-21 23:56 0 useful @rjmeily don't take people who do not like anime to an anime con, unless they are
really good friends with you or a bf/gf. They will just whine and complain.
04-21 23:56 0 food @terebifunhouse Dinner at cons should involve at least 15 people crammed into a van, 14 separate checks, 3 hours, no tip
04-21 23:56 3 food @kaine23 EAT!!
04-21 23:57 0 videogames @sasuraiger You're the best at Anime-Themed Videogame. That guy was definitely cheating, that prize is YOURS!
04-21 23:58 2 videogames @andrepaploo DDR-Funk is your gift to the masses! Keep sweating and hogging those mats!
04-21 23:58 4 meta @8c Mention something that irritates you about anime cons in an imperative tone. Call it a "protip". This is never not hilarious
04-21 23:58 -2 hotel @hoover_dam Why would you leave the housekeeping staff a tip? Pfft, it's their job to clean up your room.
04-21 23:59 3 hygiene @terebifunhouse keep the 'do not disturb' sign on your door all weekend long. Who needs fresh towels or toilet paper? NOT OTAKU
04-22 00:00 1 hugs @Omega_Zed It's perfectly fine to glomp total strangers. Even better if you grab their naughty bits
04-22 00:00 -2 sleep @Athena_chan Can't afford a hotel room? Just sleep under the tables in Artist Alley! That's why they leave them there!
04-22 00:01 1 guests @rpguy_ad It's totally not in bad taste to tell an anime staffer that you watched all of his stuff fansubbed! He'll love you for it!
04-22 00:01 3 management @terebifunhouse Con Guests - did they EXPLICITLY tell you NOT to run up huge bar tabs for friends, family, total strangers? I think not.
04-22 00:01 0 skits @andrepaploo Skits are always the best time to bring up your favorite adult-rated fan fiction trope!
04-22 00:02 1 cosplay @TexasDevin You should absolutely cosplay the no-name background character with no lines in one scene in the third episode of season two
04-22 00:02 0 cosplay @terebifunhouse Nothing says 'excellence in costuming' like adults with foam hair waving their hands pretending to fire magic force beams.
04-22 00:02 0 dealers @andrepaploo Always be sure to tell Vendors which of the anime they sell you'll never buy because you downloaded it online!
04-22 00:02 1 otaku @predederva don't be johnny otaku...i've never been to a con but after seeing him in that video...just don't be him
04-22 00:04 1 hallways @nikoscream See the "No Photos" & "No Standing in the Halls" signs? They're just suggestions. Who needs to walk through halls anyway?
04-22 00:04 2 cosplay @Battlehork Pope Benedict XVI may be unpopular right now, but everyone loves Pope Hentai
04-22 00:05 1 badge @terebifunhouse (1) wear con badge in hard to spot location. (2) complain loudly every time you're asked where your badge is.
04-22 00:06 -1 hallways @DasGreggo Stopping in the middle of a narrow hallway to have your picture taken isn't just okay, it's expected.
04-22 00:06 2 hallways @hoover_dam The people walking through your photoshoot in the hotel's main hallway are the ones being rude, not you
04-22 00:06 0 screaming @sasuraiger The English language is so overrated and drawn out. Have you tried keeping your communication to squeals?
04-22 00:06 0 panels @irriadin show up for the most popular panel at the con five minutes before it starts. Waiting in line is for losers.
04-22 00:09 0 dance @TexasDevin In the J-music room, you absolutely MUST demonstrate that you have memorized the band's dance--move for move... every time.
04-22 00:09 2 dance @sasuraiger They're all watching you dance in the hotel lobby. But why aren't they PAYING to watch you dance in the hotel lobby?
04-22 00:10 -1 ecchi @ohkatsu If she says she's eighteen, then you're A-OK!
04-22 00:10 0 cosplaynazi @timmaughan if old people on public transport are offended by you dressing as a Nazi, tell them cosplay is a basic human right!
04-22 00:10 0 japanese @magicalemi Now that you're in Japanese 101, show off your skills by inserting as many Japanese words into your speech as possible
04-22 00:11 0 photos @Cadha13 It is the Photographers Prime Directive to be as much of a jerk as possible, even towards other photogs.
04-22 00:11 0 staff @nikoscream You know those info booth people? Everything at the con is their fault and you should yell at them for it (for @napoleana).
04-22 00:11 1 ecchi @TexasDevin Desperate, single, and male? I've heard a fox tail and a little yaoi display will certainly impress that girl!
04-22 00:13 0 industry @Cadha13 boycott Funi at their panel and ask for their signatures on your copy of Moonphase.
04-22 00:14 -2 guests @rpguy_ad Don't let a silly thing like "security" get in the way of meeting a guest! Sneak into their rooms. You'll be fine!
04-22 00:14 -1 consuite @nikoscream The consuite is a god-given right. Whenever it's closed or out of food, the con is out to get you.
04-22 00:14 3 facepalm @terebifunhouse The weather, location of elevators, bad food in restaurant across the street - these things are all the convention's fault.
04-22 00:15 -2 japanese @ShadowbladeEdge Display your prowess in Japanese by shouting kawaii constantly and adding desu to the end of anything you say.
04-22 00:15 4 badge @rpguy_ad Using a fake ID is fine, if it's to get into Anime Hell.
04-22 00:17 -1 japanese @Cadha13 Ask all of the girls to say "Nya", Onii-tan, and "Nau" when in your presence.
04-22 00:17 1 weapons @terebifunhouse crowded hotel lobbies full of pottery and glassware are THE BEST places for your lightsaber duel.
04-22 00:18 0 ego @sasuraiger You've got ideas nobody in history has had! Ask the guest to draw the project you've been thinking of. They'll be honored!
04-22 00:18 0 yaoi @otakudan if you hit a stranger with a yaoi paddle, they have the right to punch you in the face
04-22 00:18 1 sleep @nikoscream Need a place to sleep? Try the hall floor.
04-22 00:19 1 cosplay @Gaijinder Ladies: If you're going to dress up as Scantily Clad Character, be prepared to not go anywhere for awhile. Grab a Snickers.
04-22 00:19 0 lines @DasGreggo Make sure to get into the longest line possible, even if you don't know what it's for. Because it's bound to be AWESOME.
04-22 00:20 1 cosplay @Cadha13 If in doubt, always ask the cosplayer for her number, so you can send her that picture of you.
04-22 00:22 -1 lines @MichaelToole Lines are merely suggestions, and can be safely ignored at your convenience.
04-22 00:22 0 photos @Cadha13 When reaching for your camera, she's reaching for her gun. Remember!
04-22 00:23 2 staff @terebifunhouse If enough people ask, the con HAS to let us perform "Rocky Horror". IT'S THE LAW.
04-22 00:24 0 ecchi @Gaijinder Couples engaging in PDA=annoying. Couples engaging in PDA while in line=Godsend.
04-22 00:26 3 fandumb @terebifunhouse EVERYONE wants to know ALL ABOUT that anime music video you're going to make someday. Also, your fanfic.
04-22 00:26 1 japanese @Cadha13 Always add a verbal tic to your speech, like "nyaa" or "nau" to show how much you care and know Japanese People.
04-22 00:26 0 elevators @MichaelToole via @hoover_dam - Remember to always take the elevators, even if you're only going down one floor. Stairs are for chumps!
04-22 00:26 0 rules @rpguy_ad Everybody likes a rebel - break all of the rules and you'll be a convention hero!
04-22 00:28 1 consuite @MichaelToole Out of money for food? Just use the con suite for all meals! No con suite? No prob, beg strangers in the halls for handouts!
04-22 00:28 0 hugs @DasGreggo That guy dressed nicely wearing a tie is definitely cosplaying. Even if he doesn't have a badge, GLOMP HIM ANYWAY.
04-22 00:29 -1 useful @calaggie Not contributing anything to because I'm not good at sarcastic fake advice humor. (My real tip: don't lose your wallet.)
04-22 00:29 2 kids @ANNZac Are you a cranky old timer? Be sure to spam Twitter with anecdotes about how annoying teenagers at anime cons are!
04-22 00:30 0 ego @Cadha13 Show your passport to say that you have really gone to Japan.
04-22 00:31 1 subs @GWOtaku Whenever you're in a video room, scream for Japanese w/ subtitles even if the official dub is scheduled!
04-22 00:31 -2 hygiene @lwelyk Deodorant is for losers.
04-22 00:31 3 booze @rpguy_ad Booze makes every anime con better. Wait... that's a real one. I think.
04-22 00:32 0 panels @lwelyk It's not intruding on the panel, it's getting in line for the next one.
04-22 00:32 0 kids @andrepaploo Regale younger anime fans with tales of how current anime sucks, and Robotech and Starblazers are so awesome!
04-22 00:33 0 meta @botoggle make sure to let everyone know how bitterly you disapprove of everyone else's bitter anecdotes
04-22 00:33 0 heylisten @lwelyk hey, you know what is an underrated show that people need to hear about? Death Note.
04-22 00:33 1 cosplay @ZeroXOmega There's no better time to dye your hair.
04-22 00:33 0 ecchi @neito Rape is how they say hello in japan. say hello to everyone!
04-22 00:33 2 food @Cadha13 Pizza is the standard food, but knockoff sushi is the next best thing.
04-22 00:33 1 videogames @lwelyk No one has ever made the OTACON! joke at otakon before.
04-22 00:34 -1 cosplayl @andrepaploo Slap on some eyeliner and a white t-shirt, and you're ready to be the only L in town!
04-22 00:35 3 kids @terebifunhouse Older fan? Remember to complain about how all those kids are ruining your cartoon convention.
04-22 00:35 -1 dance @andrepaploo Dancing with girls 1/2 your age at an AnimeRave is always appropriate!
04-22 00:35 0 japanese @lwelyk Saying kawaii and baka makes you cool
04-22 00:35 0 clothes @Cadha13 Take a lot of time on your wardrobe, just wear a "Yukkuri" shirt and you're set to get fine women.
04-22 00:36 1 fun @MichaelToole If everything we complained about at cons disappeared, cons would be pretty boring. Don't forget to have some goddamn fun!
04-22 00:36 1 games @andrepaploo Your thirties are always a great time to beat 8 year olds at YuGiOh!
04-22 00:37 3 hotel @terebifunhouse If they didn't want you to scrawl graffiti all over the stairwell, they wouldn't have painted it such a nice white.
04-22 00:38 2 cosplayl @fromage Be original, cosplay as L.
04-22 00:38 1 elitism @ShadowbladeEdge Did that total stranger just suggest that anime are anything like filthy cartoons? Then you're obligated to berate them.
04-22 00:38 0 japanese @LeoJTravis10 When you go to a dealers room be sure you say "Chi" to everyone you encounter.
04-22 00:38 1 ego @Cadha13 Make sure to let everyone know about your dissatisfaction about the "Endless Eight".
04-22 00:39 2 ecchi @akitafuki don't accept candy from guys dressed up as old, perverted men.
04-22 00:39 2 memes @Blacotaku1 4chan IS the #1 source for everything anime! Go & shout fucking retarded memes at the top of your lungs outside of a panel!
04-22 00:39 0 vawork @sasuraiger You'd make a hell of an anime voice actor. If you could just get Yuri Lowenthal to sit down and listen, he'd get you work!
04-22 00:40 1 hygiene @Blacotaku1 Wash ya ass!!!!!!
04-22 00:40 0 hygiene @Izandra A can of Axe body spray is way cheaper than a hotel room with a shower.
04-22 00:40 0 ecchi @lwelyk If she didn't want you to sexually harass her, she wouldn't be there
04-22 00:40 1 cosplay @ElfGrove It's appropriate to not wear a shirt at restaurants as long as your cosplay doesn't wear a shirt. Everyone will understand.
04-22 00:40 2 hygiene @MichaelToole So how many more of these do we have to think up before it becomes a trending topic? Also, brush your damn teeth!
04-22 00:41 0 sleep @ElfGrove Don't bother getting a hotel room for the con. You can sleep in the elevators. Or not at all.
04-22 00:41 -1 hygiene @tondog Showers only take away from the fun. Who cares about others, your personal enjoyment is all that matters.
04-22 00:42 1 clothes @stringedsonata Cons are not strip clubs. Please don't confuse the two and show up at a con dressed like a stripper. Esp if you're underage.
04-22 00:42 4 health @terebifunhouse your medical condition knows it's a special weekend, so quit taking those prescription meds!
04-22 00:43 0 cosplay @Cadha13 Pants were invented after WW2, so cosplay as Lucchini and act Italian.
04-22 00:43 0 cosplay @MichaelToole Remember the scene in Evangelion where Rei was coming out of the shower with only panties and a towel? Yeah, cosplay THAT.
04-22 00:44 2 hugs @GWOtaku Whenever you see someone with a "hug me" sign, you should totally do it. Preferably from behind! They didn't say HOW.
04-22 00:44 0 memes @andrepaploo @MichaelToole Who knows? Repeat internet memes endlessly because everyone loves memes!
04-22 00:45 2 memes @tondog 4chan is real life. It's totally OK to shout out whatever is at the top of your mind. Go ahead. Nobody will mind.
04-22 00:45 0 dealers @andrepaploo Buy that skeezy Evangelion merchandise, because Gainax won't make anymore EVAR!
04-22 00:45 1 staff @MichaelToole Your con staff job is MUCH more important than your real job. Or your health! Or your finances.
04-22 00:45 0 hotel @Cadha13 Ask the Motel management why there are no Onsen there! And Demand for same room privileges too!
04-22 00:47 2 management @blackbluesock Yeah, the con chair got arrested for a felony and is a known pedophile? So what?
04-22 00:47 3 elevators @DasGreggo The happening place to be after hours at an anime convention? The elevator, baby. Up and down, all night.
04-22 00:47 0 panels @Gaijinder All you need to do for an "educational" panel is just play 2 1/2 hours of clips and 5 minutes of actual info!
04-22 00:48 0 food @rpguy_ad Eating is overrated, and dealers take credit cards. Don't let groceries get in the way of that Yoko statue!
04-22 00:48 0 staff @ANNZac If you're staff, make sure you treat every problem, no matter how minor, as though it's a gigantic stress catastrophe.
04-22 00:48 0 memes @Cadha13 Just buy a Minolta Maxxum 9000 and add a +1 and say it's over 9000!
04-22 00:49 1 dealers @GWOtaku that fat guy in the dealer's room that wants to sell you yaoi is a great person and definitely fascinating to talk to.
04-22 00:49 0 weapons @Gaijinder You can TOTALLY fight in the halls w/ weapons you just bought! Come up with your own unique way of holding them, too!
04-22 00:50 -1 staff @blackbluesock Never thank your staff. Ever. They don't need positive reinforcement.
04-22 00:50 -1 panels @rpguy_ad Heckling the panelists isn't just allowed - it's encouraged. Give those spoony bards a piece of your mind!
04-22 00:50 0 staff @andrepaploo Hissing at staff is an excellent way to let them know who's boss!
04-22 00:51 0 hugs @tondog If you must glomp, be sure to run though as many people as possible. It's more fun that way.
04-22 00:51 2 staff @andrepaploo When volunteering, employ Emo attitude for maximum chance of advancement! Because you're teh mature!
04-22 00:51 0 cosplay @Athena_chan Cosplay is the most important thing you do. Feel free to skip out on work or school to make sure it's finished for the con!
04-22 00:51 -1 hygiene @aresef Deodorant is optional. Raves are not.
04-22 00:52 -1 ego @Cadha13 Throwing food and heckling is a great way to say you are boss!
04-22 00:52 0 management @blackbluesock As a con chair, you totally have a right to go chill in the hot tub with a hot girl instead of working with your girlfriend
04-22 00:52 0 yaoi @ElfGrove Everybody's a fan of yaoi. Hit that random person with your yaoi paddle. Better yet, molest the cosplayers!
04-22 00:52 3 memes @lwelyk All Your Base NEVER gets old.
04-22 00:52 0 cosplay @spacecoyotl my non-sarcastic : Dear Hetalia cosplayers, don't do this:
04-22 00:53 0 cosplay @SirInsania Make cosplaying as a schoolkid the highlight of your creativity. A real school uniform will suffice just fine.
04-22 00:53 0 industry @Cadha13 just broadcast your blog to everyone and say you're in the biz.
04-22 00:55 6 guests @ElfGrove Those voice actors totally write & produce anime. Show them your script or homemade manga.
04-22 00:55 1 cosplay @Gaijinder Going to an Asian Marketplace? You'll totally blend in wearing your Inu-Yasha cosplay!
04-22 00:56 0 gameshow @DasGreggo Your game show is the best event going on right now and everyone should come...oh shit, that one's vanity. Sorry, sorry!
04-22 00:57 0 elitism @MarcFBR Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Digimon, etc. are actually mature shows, you just need to explain why to everyone!
04-22 00:57 2 hygiene @djranmas Soap is your best friend.
04-22 00:57 0 staff @blackbluesock Planning out the video room is the most important detail.
04-22 00:57 1 memes @Cadha13 Saying your favorite characters lines NEVER get old.
04-22 00:59 0 panels @blackbluesock Being a panelist gives you the right to be an elitist and insult others for not holding your high values.
04-22 01:00 1 ecchi @Cadha13 Asking a cosplayer to be your waifu totally acceptable.
04-22 01:00 2 elitism @rpguy_ad New fans will totally laugh at your jokes against their favorite shows! Elitism rocks!
04-22 01:02 0 ego @emperorj Everyone knows Miyazaki could never direct anything as deep as Mars of Destruction, just tell everyone.
04-22 01:02 0 cosplay @Velvet_Jones @Gaijinder If you plan to wear cat ears, just don't. You'll have much dignity leftover if you follow this tip.
04-22 01:02 0 industry @Godlen Remember to ask FUNimation during their industry panel if they will make a Naruto game for the Playstation 4.
04-22 01:02 0 guests @djranmas Voice actors and actresses love it when you ask them to sign the hentai doujin with the character they voiced in it.
04-22 01:04 0 health @janaiblog Your money and health do not matter during con weekend. Buy that $200 1/8 Rei figure and eat that triple bacon melt.
04-22 01:04 4 hugs @zerochan I don't want your free hugs, because you are a gross, unbathed, hygenically disgusting human being.
04-22 01:04 0 health @GTebbetts Yeah, drink on Wednesday, 'cause you're living on Pop-Tarts and coffee 'til Sunday night.
04-22 01:05 1 industry @DickMcVengeance @Godlen Adding to that Don't forget to ask them if they're going to license X series, because it's so awesome.
04-22 01:05 -2 booze @Chunlichan underage drinking laws do not apply at cons. Same for unwanted groping, drugs, and public drunkenness.
04-22 01:06 2 meta @andrepaploo Anime cons are great, Attendees and Staff are always awesome, and avoiding the excesses mentioned on #animeconprotip is a good idea!
04-22 01:06 1 schedule @magicalemi If you're organizing a con, be sure to pick the hotel with the religious fundamentalist convention the same weekend.
04-22 01:06 1 ecchi @blackbluesock Go ahead. Hang on that hot underage girl all con and demand her attention 24/7. She'll love it.
04-22 01:07 1 guests @zerochan The VAs really do care about the 18+ fanfic you wrote involving the characters they voiced! Be sure to have them act it!
04-22 01:07 1 hygiene @DasGreggo Two words. Showers? Overrated.
04-22 01:07 1 ecchi @Gaijinder Know Your Make Out Spots: Elevator @ 2AM, on/under stairs, during a panel, or if you're daring--Opening Ceremonies.
04-22 01:07 0 skits @Chunlichan make sure your masquerade skits mention yaoi, or they will suck!
04-22 01:07 -2 ecchi @blackbluesock If a girl is at an anime con, she doesn't mind being degraded to a sexual object. That's what anime is about!
04-22 01:08 1 hotel @amwashington Cram a dozen people into your single hotel room. When housekeeping comes, yell "Everybody hide!"
04-22 01:08 1 hygiene @GNitro NO! Showers are necessary! RT @DasGreggo: Two words. Showers? Overrated.
04-22 01:08 -1 videogames @zerochan You don't need any strange, interesting Japanese imports in the game room when you have Street Fighter IV and Brawl!
04-22 01:08 1 consuite @tondog Consuite = Good replacement for regular food. Use it for all your food needs.
04-22 01:09 0 seating @rpguy_ad can't get a good seat? climb on someone's shoulders! They'll be happy to hold you up for a better view!
04-22 01:09 0 ecchi @Cadha13 Make sure that you vent your perverse ways to others, like #4chan.
04-22 01:09 1 hugs @miwasatoshi Free glomp signs aren't obnoxious or creepy, they're AWESOME.
04-22 01:09 1 fanart @MaximoLorenzo If you're in artist alley be sure to take up 14 tables with carbon copy generic artwork. After all it is Walmartists alley.
04-22 01:10 0 yaoi @stringedsonata I'm sure those hot guys cosplaying as Cloud and Sephiroth would LOVE to make out with each other on your request!
04-22 01:10 0 sleep @djranmas Getting a hotel room is overrated. Just chill out in the 24-hour video room, staff won't mind.
04-22 01:11 3 water @Godlen be sure to bring lots of dollars, since ICE COLD WATER is ONE DOLLAR
04-22 01:11 1 yaoi @stringedsonata If said cosplayers say no? They're just playing hard to get and you should keep asking them to "yaoi for you" all weekend!
04-22 01:11 2 press @rpguy_ad Your facebook page TOTALLY qualifies you for press status, and don't let ANYBODY tell you differently!
04-22 01:11 1 stereotypes @blackbluesock If a girl gets angry, she's just a tsundere. That dere will come out soon.
04-22 01:11 1 hallways @miwasatoshi Who cares about traffic flow? All cosplay photos should happen amongst the biggest crowds!
04-22 01:11 0 subs @aresef Working on a fansub automatically makes you fluent in Japanese.
04-22 01:12 0 facepalm @janaiblog When the normies outside the con ask what the con is for, tell them it's about super kawaii Japanese cartoons.
04-22 01:12 -2 useful @kaine23 Use the coffee maker or microwave for ramen noodles.
04-22 01:12 0 ecchi @Cadha13 Make sure that you bring your little sister to the con, she'll be bigger than the guests in popularity.
04-22 01:12 0 fanart @spacekase @MaximoLorenzo REMEMBER: Nothing but mid-shot, 3/4 view busts of Naruto characters standing around, please!
04-22 01:13 1 parents @rpguy_ad See a clueless parent escorting their kid? Feel free to tell them all about lolicon and how awesome it is!
04-22 01:13 -1 management @Lea_Hernandez As head of the Green Room, it is your job to make your friends, not the guests, as comfortable as possible.
04-22 01:13 3 videogames @DasGreggo Yeah, that green cloud in the video game room? Totally not toxic. Come on in!
04-22 01:13 1 donny @terebifunhouse it's all about not doing what Donny Don't doesn't do...'nt.
04-22 01:13 0 ecchi @miwasatoshi Cosplayers are ALWAYS legal, so con hookups are totally risk-free!
04-22 01:13 0 guests @GTebbetts Best way to get a staff autograph? Ask the translator to get it for you. He's got plenty of time on his hands.
04-22 01:13 1 elevators @aresef The average elevator can hold 15 people or more.
04-22 01:14 -3 cosplay @kaine23 buying your costume at Hot Topic = popular and well-known cosplayer.
04-22 01:14 0 dance @RubyCosmos Hotel/conference centre hallways are sad and boring places. Caramelldansen helps.
04-22 01:14 0 cosplay @Chunlichan cosplaying as Edea or some other large headpiece character? Go ahead and sit in front! No one will mind!
04-22 01:14 -1 dealers @djranmas We love it when you say you're coming back to our dealer table later! I have no problem holding that shirt for you! :D
04-22 01:14 0 transport @Gaijinder The Rave Conga Line is the best method of transport this side of the subway.
04-22 01:15 0 panels @janaiblog During a panel, be sure to argue with the panelists as much as possible. No one at all will find you annoying, trust me.
04-22 01:16 0 cosplay @RubyCosmos Write real tiny on your cosplay entry form and use long faux-Japanese names. The masquerade MC accepts your challenge!
04-22 01:16 0 photos @Cadha13 Always state the brand of your camera, before taking the shot.
04-22 01:17 0 management @Lea_Hernandez Con chair, it is your job to take the Japanese guests off-site for a 6-hour dinner on Sat. afternoon. You've earned it.
04-22 01:17 1 ecchi @janaiblog That lolicon you bought in the dealers room should be kept in a clear plastic bag so everyone can see how hardcore you are.
04-22 01:18 0 yaoi @rpguy_ad Show random people your favorite parts of those yaoi doujinshi you just bought! They'll appreciate your enthusiasm!
04-22 01:18 0 rules @misuzulive Something you normally wouldn't or shouldn't do, why not - it's probably okay here!
04-22 01:19 9 keepdreaming @RubyCosmos Girls go to cons specifically to find boyfriends. Boyfriends just like you.
04-22 01:19 0 ecchi @MichaelToole You met a hottie at the dance, and brought em back to the room, but it's occupied! That's OK, just get busy in the hallway.
04-22 01:19 2 facepalm @odin047 When the normies outside the con ask what the con is for, tell them it's about Nazi Catgirls in Bikinis
04-22 01:20 2 revpsych @Godlen Fan girls: God Len would totally not like it if you sat on his lap and licked his face.
04-22 01:20 0 dealers @Gaijinder Tell vendors how you won't buy any "old stuff". Because anime didn't exist before 2003!
04-22 01:21 0 fanart @vsatone @MaximoLorenzo Only draw really young looking girls with huge eyes and vacant expressions. Dodge and burn coloring a plus.
04-22 01:22 0 ecchi @Cadha13 Vocaloid Incest is TOTALLY in style and prepare for RinXLen Cosplay.
04-22 01:23 0 management @Lea_Hernandez Giving that creepy guy convicted of a federal crime a chance to do his parole-required public service is a great idea!
04-22 01:23 1 games @rpguy_ad Nothing says you're a good sport of a gamer like ragequitting and calling your opponent four-letter words.
04-22 01:24 2 hugs @DarkIceXIII If you're carrying around a free hug sign, be careful. There's a strong chance Pedobear is present, and you're asking for it.
04-22 01:24 2 weapons @colonydrop Always remember to check your bokken in with Otherkin Furry Yomiko Readman at the desk.
04-22 01:26 1 management @nikoscream When starting a con, be sure you have never gone to one before & don't check to see if one is in town the same weekend.
04-22 01:26 0 memes @janaiblog During Anime Pictionary, it's a good idea to yell "IT'S A JACKAL!" lots of times. This joke will never get old.
04-22 01:27 0 photos @Godlen Camera + Cosplayer + Escalator = Perfect picture opportunity!
04-22 01:28 0 skits @janaiblog If you're in the Cosplay Masquerade, make sure your skit is from KH2, FMA, or Bleach. No one cares about anything else.
04-22 01:29 1 staff @jvowles A great way to get rich and have a fulfilling social life is to staff an anime convention. It's great for your career, too!
04-22 01:30 0 cosplay @theariman If your favorite voice actor is at the con, cosplay as a character he or she voices. The meta jokes will write themselves!
04-22 01:30 2 dance @RubyCosmos How to run lights for the rave: 1) Leave the strobes on. 2) Pat yourself on the back. You're done!
04-22 01:30 1 hallways @kittykatya Get 50 of your friends; find the most-used hallway; take up all the space & dance like idiots. The fire marshals dig that.
04-22 01:31 2 useful @ichigosundae There's a lot you can can do with the in room coffee maker. (hot water = anything instant win)
04-22 01:32 0 clothes @Cadha13 Get your local Anime Club to wear the same clothes and storm the Dealer's Room and the Video room.
04-22 01:32 0 cosplay @Gaijinder Stormtroopers are totally relevant.
04-22 01:33 0 japanese @8c RT @witchbernkastel DESU ISN'T FUNNY/CUTE AND RECENT ANYMORE. stop it. // she's right~desu
04-22 01:34 0 hygiene @theariman Time spent showering takes away from time spent blowing your money in the dealers' room.
04-22 01:34 0 fanart @sw_inku @MaximoLorenzo make sure that their hands are tastefully behind their backs or cropped off at the wrist! Hands ruin pics
04-22 01:36 0 hygiene @ichigosundae So what if the guy next to you smells like he rolled in something dead, consider it an endurance challenge! YOU CAN DO IT!
04-22 01:36 0 food @Cadha13 Ask the Con Staff where the ramen shop is.
04-22 01:37 0 rules @RubyCosmos If you don't like an event's rules, tell staff to bend them for you. They'll do it because you're special.
04-22 01:38 0 skits @odin047 If you're in the Cosplay Masquerade, make sure your skit is a musical or poorly choreographed. No 1 cares bout anything else
04-22 01:38 1 hygiene @redthehaze SHOWERING IS NOT OPTIONAL.
04-22 01:39 0 cosplay @theariman EVERYONE loves original character cosplay!
04-22 01:40 1 hygiene @ichigosundae It's quite simple to create a wand that disguises a can of Febreze. You are now Magical Girl Hygiene-Chan!
04-22 01:43 -1 hygiene @aresef @redthehaze A few sprays of Axe will do just fine.
04-22 01:43 2 schedule @DasGreggo Your hotel is also hosting a Christian convention? Oh, do your best to MAKE THEIR LIVES MISERABLE, YOU'RE HARDCORE YO.
04-22 01:44 -3 health @jvowles Don't drink water, eat properly, or prepare in any way to take care of yourself -- con staff are just like your parents!
04-22 01:45 0 rules @RubyCosmos Remember, you're attending the con -- the hotel is incidental. Therefore, hotel rules don't apply to you.
04-22 01:45 1 schedule @Cadha13 Drive the guy who is most likely to start a war with the Christian Con goers and make sure he wears a wife beater too.
04-22 01:46 1 booze @taitaisanchez Know your god damned drinking limits.
04-22 01:47 -2 health @ichigosundae No, really. You can totally survive on that box of pocky and expired liter of calpis. You are heap strong otaku!
04-22 01:47 1 clothes @Cadha13 wearing decent clothes is optional, but drinking is not.
04-22 01:48 1 hygiene @ManaisanOtaku Shower. Every day. Dear god, please just shower!
04-22 01:48 0 ick @neumaverick No matter how tired or drunk you are never EVER shit on the hotel lobby couch! God I wish this wasn't based on true events.
04-22 01:48 0 hygiene @shoujokakumei Take a shower. Every day. Really. Body spray is not an acceptable substitute. Baby wipes will do in an emergency ONLY.
04-22 01:49 0 ecchi @ManaisanOtaku Her cleavage is hanging out? You are NOT allowed to put your face in it!
04-22 01:49 0 ecchi @Godlen Remember the rule of equivalent exchange: 1 box of Pocky = 1 blow job.
04-22 01:51 -3 wisdom @TheGlitchmaster Don't go.
04-22 01:51 2 hallways @animevice Quit f@%#ing STOPPING at the bottom of STAIRS and ESCALATORS and right outside DOORS. Seriously. People are trying to MOVE.
04-22 01:53 0 clothes @Cadha13 Only hot men can be topless, everyone agrees.
04-22 01:53 0 cosplay @Mor3ndo Everyone has something to say about #animeconprotip. Mine would be to avoid all cosplay contests at any costs.
04-22 01:54 1 ecchi @skeletalknight Don't be a hot girl alone.
04-22 01:54 -1 food @IFollowBunny You cannot survive on Pocky and Ramen
04-22 01:55 -1 panels @jvowles Everyone came to the con to hear you ask the guest the same question you missed when you showed up late!
04-22 01:56 0 vawork @DasGreggo You're just one step away from becoming a voice actor, all you have to do is ask one of the guests how to get into the biz!
04-22 01:59 3 guests @jvowles Yes, the Japanese pop star really does want a marriage proposal from an underaged sweaty nerd. Go for it!
04-22 01:59 0 ego @djranmas Having drinks with guests and industry people at the bar on Friday night means you're the man and everyone worships you.
04-22 02:00 1 industry @neumaverick When yelling at company rep on said company's terrible dub for show A be sure said company actually owns show A.
04-22 02:00 1 cosplay @theariman Feel free to make fun of Pokemon cosplayers, even if they are older, larger and stronger than you, and practice martial arts
04-22 02:01 -1 ego @Cadha13 Saying you're part of the local Anime Club makes you the boss of the territory.
04-22 02:01 -1 cosplay @alexalectric If you cosplay a popular character from a popular series, everyone loves you, so go ahead and act like you run the place.
04-22 02:01 1 industry @MarcFBR @neumaverick Don't forget to ask company A when they will announce show X, despite company B releasing it next week.
04-22 02:01 -2 rules @Thedigitalbug during opening ceremonies, be sure to ask if it's possible to attend 2 VERY popular panels back to back in the same room
04-22 02:02 -2 hugs @typo1138 Ignore that cosplayer saying they don't want you to "glomp" them. That's secretly exactly what they want!
04-22 02:03 1 food @taitaisanchez gunpla > food. Truth.
04-22 02:03 -1 screaming @odin047 The staff needs your help! Be sure to yell at anyone who you see. FEAR WILL KEEP THEM IN LINE!!!
04-22 02:04 4 yaoi @verbthatnoun Thank god that guy is screaming "Yaoi!" I would've never found it otherwise.
04-22 02:04 -1 industry @odin047 Be sure to ask the American companies to make better anime.
04-22 02:05 0 dance @RubyCosmos Feel free to get up onstage to dance at the rave. Remember, you're one of the cool ones. And the DJ gets lonely.
04-22 02:05 0 yaoi @AJtheFourth If you don't know what, 'no climax no point no meaning' means, take down that 'will yaoi for money' sign. Yaoi is not a verb
04-22 02:06 2 hallways @omonomono @animevice i made the same mistake. Always hang out by the narrowest part of the hallway so you won't miss your friend
04-22 02:06 -1 vawork @rpguy_ad stalk the FUNimation reps while claiming to be the next Vic Mignogna. You'll get a contract for sure!
04-22 02:08 1 cosplay @neumaverick We truly believe that you are a big Mr. Po Po fan, we really do. There is no need for the blackface make-up to prove it.
04-22 02:09 0 japanese @ichigosundae So what if the Japanese you know is "kawaii!!!" You go tell that company their translations are all wrong.
04-22 02:09 1 cosplay @ExecutiveOtaku Don't cosplay a male character who wears a long red coat unless you're ready to tell 90% of people that you're NOT ALUCARD!
04-22 02:10 0 cosplay @verbthatnoun It's okay to PDA if it's arguably in-character.
04-22 02:11 1 cosplay @ladybot The cops will obviously recognize you as Naked Snake with a prop gun outside on Boylston Street, not a guy in militia gear.
04-22 02:15 0 cosplay @Cadha13 Cosplaying as your favorite Anime Director is NOT creepy.
04-22 02:17 0 japanese @Willr123 Jump to 5:10. This is what your "Fluent Japanese" sounds like, congoer.
04-22 02:17 2 schedule @neumaverick If there is a wedding taking place at the con hotel be respectful. Only crash the reception if dressed similar to Tuxedo Max
04-22 02:19 -1 yaoi @aresef Yaoi paddles are how you say hello.
04-22 02:20 2 bootleg @neito Take a notepad into the dealers room so you can write down the names of all the anime you want to pirate when you get home.
04-22 02:21 0 cosplay @soymilkpudding If someone else is cosplaying the same character as you, you're required by law to point out every mistake in their costume.
04-22 02:22 2 ego @djranmas Standing in the hot sun at the Baltimore CC 7am Thursday to be #1 for your badge pickup makes you the man! BE PROUD!
04-22 02:23 1 keepdreaming @sasuraiger The anime con maid will fall in love with you if you keep calling her back to the table to stare into her beautiful eyes
04-22 02:25 -1 transport @Cadha13 Make sure when driving, you don't sleep or take a shower before going to the con.
04-22 02:28 1 crossplay @alexalectric Being the "genderbent casual" version of your favorite male character is cool and unique. A lot of thought is required.
04-22 02:28 2 transport @Cadha13 When driving, take plenty of Pocky, canned coffee and ramen for roadside meals.
04-22 02:33 0 cosplay @odin047 If someone else is cosplaying the same character as you, you're required by law strangle them. yeah you V cosplayer.
04-22 02:34 0 vawork @Black_ReaperHei it's ok to stalk people from professional anime companies and demand they hire you as a Voice Actor.
04-22 02:34 -2 food @DasGreggo You can totally live off Pocky and Ramune all weekend.
04-22 02:35 -1 ecchi @Black_ReaperHei it's ok to only watch moe shows and loli shows and tell people about it. They won't think you are a pedo at all.
04-22 02:37 1 keepdreaming @Black_ReaperHei the ladies would be impressed by how many figures you own and how your favorite anime character is a high school girl.
04-22 02:39 1 cosplay @Black_ReaperHei It's ok to dress half-naked as long as it's part of the cosplay. Also shaving? Fuck that shit.
04-22 02:40 2 keepdreaming @Thedigitalbug Big convention? Bring plenty of condoms with you...
04-22 02:41 0 cosplay @Black_ReaperHei you should always be loyal to your waifu even if some slut cosplays as your waifu. Remember it's not really her.
04-22 02:42 0 cosplay @Cadha13 Wear makeup, a dress, and bring a guitar. Call yourself a member of an obscure Visual Kei band.
04-22 02:42 3 keepdreaming @kamanashi @Thedigitalbug And don't forget the lube.
04-22 02:49 -1 hygiene @Black_ReaperHei Showering is for fags. Be a man and let people smell YOUR MANLINESS THAT WILL IMPRESS ALL THE LADIES.
04-22 02:51 0 cosplay @Cadha13 Show up in a white button down shirt and black pants call yourself the worst person in the world. "Ikari, Shinji Ikari"
04-22 02:59 -1 vawork @Driverbob there's a good chance those voice actors are secretly talent scouts. Ask them how to get started as a VA, sure to impress!
04-22 03:01 -1 rules @Driverbob there is always time for "just one more" autograph, just ask the staffer watching the line, they'll take care of you!
04-22 03:05 1 hygiene @nekonezume Leave your soap and deodorant at home.
04-22 03:09 1 health @djranmas The con plague is a rite of passage. You'll be fine in 6 hours, tops! :D
04-22 03:10 0 press @FistoftheMFK Anime Journalists always know how the convention is being run and what the intentions are!
04-22 03:12 0 memes @Mor3ndo I just remembered the best #animeconprotip. Don't quote 4chan memes and attitudes. It makes you a goddamn loser.
04-22 03:12 0 hygiene @Rilkar [hygiene is futile]
04-22 03:12 0 dubs @neumaverick 90's dub quality always creates a stir of interesting and well thought out debate. Except Shinesman. Shinesman was awesome.
04-22 03:13 0 thegame @Mor3ndo There are few things more annoying than kids who think they are cool when they get to say old things like "I lost the game!"
04-22 03:15 3 guests @Black_ReaperHei NEVER MAKE FUN OF VIC IN FRONT OF HIS FANGIRLS. They are like demons sent from hell to serve their master.
04-22 03:18 0 ego @vlumayag It's totally fine to show off your superior knowledge in all things anime (and NOT come off as a total ass).
04-22 03:19 0 japanese @DasGreggo @DJRanmaS srsly, and while we're at it, We all love it when you scream in fangirl Japanese...KAWAII BAKA NEKO FOREVAHHHH
04-22 03:19 -1 guests @tjandamal Follow your favorite guest back to their hotel room. They'll appreciate your devotion and dedication.
04-22 03:20 -2 wisdom @YDKJMF don't go.
04-22 03:20 0 music @Cadha13 Singing Anime theme songs make you quite the individual.
04-22 03:21 1 cosplay @greyrondo Cosplayers, save your most sweltering costumes for summer conventions. And wait for the AC to fail in the panel rooms.
04-22 03:21 0 guests @vlumayag Personally, I enjoy when fangirls tell me about their favorite VA and their endless attempts in tracking them down.
04-22 03:23 1 dance @Black_ReaperHei Dancing for no reason what so ever is the best way of showing people how awesome u are
04-22 03:24 3 management @tjandamal Giving your staff necessary information shrinks your peen! Make sure NO ONE has the info they need to run their department.
04-22 03:24 -1 screaming @kamanashi @Black_ReaperHei Don't forget running around screaming for no good reason.
04-22 03:25 -1 management @DasGreggo @tjandamal If you're head of Artist Alley, it's best not to let anyone except your close personal friends get tables.
04-22 03:26 0 thegame @tjandamal the only thing more hilarious than THE GAME is "all your base" and speaking in 1337.
04-22 03:27 -1 dealers @tjandamal Dealer's room rules don't apply to you. Nazi memorabilia and poorly made bootlegs, go!
04-22 03:28 0 photos @rspeed Nobody can tell you're a pervert if you use a telephoto lens.
04-22 03:28 1 cosplay @GlenWien If you notice you've been having difficulty getting a date then maybe you should stop wearing your costume in public lol
04-22 03:29 1 cosplay @serenityfails Color hair spray and a cheap t-shirt with words written on it combine to create a well-crafted and recognizable costume!
04-22 03:29 1 guests @jsyadao Proper things to ask guests to do: Repeat their signature lines; answer 2 questions at once; answer inane Q's for your meme.
04-22 03:29 0 photos @Cadha13 When taking photos, always take photos of the Asians, even of you are in Oregon.
04-22 03:30 3 facepalm @tjandamal if you meet a gay couple, ask them to kiss so you can squee at them. It is totally not insulting or jaw-droppingly rude.
04-22 03:31 2 guests @jsyadao Also, monopolize a guest's time in panels. Those other people waiting to ask questions aren't important. It's ALL YOU, BABY!
04-22 03:31 0 management @uminomamori Absolutely never answer emails from people who want to participate in events and/or gave you money.
04-22 03:31 -3 hugs @tjandamal if someone declines your offer of free hugs, hug them anyway. Who doesn't love being touched by strangers?
04-22 03:33 2 health @GlenWien If you run across an attractive blue woman in a restaurant she's probably not from Pandora but instead choking on her food
04-22 03:34 0 health @uminomamori Stock up on pixie sticks and coffee. Then don't eat anything real all day.
04-22 03:34 1 kids @Cadha13 Think of the Children! Bring your friends.
04-22 03:34 3 kids @DasGreggo If you're 12 years old and your parents just dropped you off outside, NO PROBLEM, COME ON IN.
04-22 03:35 2 management @tjandamal Never, ever send out exhibitor registration confirmations. It will undermine your aura of ~*mystery*~
04-22 03:35 -1 ecchi @Black_ReaperHei Remember that if they look old enough to have fun with then it's ok to take that lucky guy or girl to your hotel room
04-22 03:36 0 ecchi @FistoftheMFK if you see a girl who poses naked on the internet for an adult cosplay site, it's okay to ask her if she'll have sex for $$$
04-22 03:36 2 ecchi @uminomamori Go around artist alley asking 15 year old girls to draw you porn. They'll be too creeped out to say no!
04-22 03:38 2 food @onac911 It's ok to buy pocky sticks and ramune for about 20 bucks
04-22 03:39 1 crossplay @RayAyanami_PUB If you're an overweight 35-year-old man, make sure to cosplay as a 17-year-old girl. It's totally not #nightmarefuel!
04-22 03:41 0 ecchi @GlenWien hanging out around aquaman is probably your best chance of getting that fish smell on you lol
04-22 03:41 6 skits @tjandamal the ideal length for a cosplay skit show is between 5 and 8 hours.
04-22 03:42 0 cosplayl @Mister_Retro Wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and no shoes will get you laid. You'll be the best L cosplayer there, even without a wig!
04-22 03:42 2 anagram @DasGreggo "I love tentacles" anagrammed is "It Cleanest Love." Think about it.
04-22 03:44 0 cosplay @Cadha13 Wear a trenchcoat, a Casio G-shock and have a camera. Instant Speed Grapher, not a creepy dude.
04-22 03:45 0 ecchi @RayAyanami_PUB The ideal hentai room? Nothing but Pleasure Island and Night Shift Nurses.
04-22 03:46 2 cosplay @ohkatsu If you're a female cosplayer, treat every problem, no matter how minor, as though it's a gigantic stress catastrophe.
04-22 03:47 0 feedback @ExecutiveOtaku When attending any other con, it's always polite to remind everyone how this or that event was better at Otakon.
04-22 03:47 0 screaming @uminomamori Holding a screaming contest for freebies at your Artist Alley table is an awesome idea.
04-22 03:47 0 crossplay @onsenmark You're a big fat dude with a beard? You wanna cosplay as either Kei or Yuri? Go right ahead! You'll be the hit of the con!
04-22 03:47 0 ecchi @HaroldClark That creepy guy who took your pic? Don't worry, he won't masturbate to them! :D
04-22 03:49 0 skits @Himemiya no one has EVER done a dance skit!
04-22 03:49 1 meta @Rilkar Retweet every #animeconprotip you read. The people searching it really like reading the same ones five times in a row.
04-22 03:51 0 memes @Black_ReaperHei Yelling old and dead memes to random people is a great way of getting attention
04-22 03:51 -1 weapons @Cadha13 Hold a play fight in the dealer's room, with their own swords.
04-22 03:57 -1 weapons @maridahhadiram Volunteer at the con and act like a total ass to everyone about peacebonding. It's the only way to earn people's respect.
04-22 03:58 0 photos @cosplayshots Only take pictures of cosplayers jumping off of stairs. All other photos suck.
04-22 03:59 0 staff @Cadha13 Ask the con staff where do they keep the Chocobos.
04-22 04:00 1 creepy @ladybot That person over there would love to talk about The Slayers with you, and so would I.
04-22 04:01 -1 ick @Rammykun pee on your seat at a big panel. You'll thank me later
04-22 04:01 -1 hotel @ladybot Everyone really appreciates your cleverness when you write messages on the windows of your hotel room with bars of soap.
04-22 04:03 0 hotel @Cadha13 Write out your love for a character with soap on the sidewalk. Before it rains.
04-22 04:03 2 cosplaynazi @ladybot You show those free-speech-oppressing con organizers what for: wear your Nazi regalia, especially on Easter/Passover.
04-22 04:04 -1 cosplay @maridahhadiram If you don't have time to make a costume, it's okay to glue cotton balls to a bra and go as 'Sexy Naruto'. Wig is optional.
04-22 04:06 0 thegame @cosplayshots Screaming "YOU JUST LOST THE GAME" at everybody in the convention center is ALWAYS cool and original!
04-22 04:06 1 hygiene @Kevin4theWin Soap and Deodorant are your best friend use them lavishly! Every day of the con!
04-22 04:06 -1 dealers @ladybot The best place to settle a dispute with the dealers' room coordinator is in the men's room. Be sure to yell so he can hear.
04-22 04:07 -1 memes @Cadha13 Scream every time you hear "chair", especially at Fanime.
04-22 04:12 -1 drugs @ladybot The convention dance is probably a safe enough place to sell meth, so don't worry about trying to conceal your activities.
04-22 04:13 0 guests @Rammykun go around saying you're Vic Mignogna. Watch all the ass come to you.
04-22 04:15 1 press @rpguy_ad A press badge is a golden ticket that allows you to be as big of a jerk as you want. Work? Pfft! That's for suckers!
04-22 04:16 0 industry @Cadha13 Say that you are from Funimation and see all of the fans swarm you.
04-22 04:16 2 crossplay @Rammykun if it looks like a chick, it's a dude. If it's a dude, it's a chick. But in the end, you win
04-22 04:19 1 stereotypes @Cadha13 If the cosplayer is Lucy from Elfen Lied, she's a yandere and you should make her drunk and unleash her to the public.
04-22 04:20 2 elevators @pdelahanty You paid HOW MUCH to go to the convention and you're just going to spend it riding the elevator up and down?
04-22 04:22 0 dance @DasGreggo You know what would be HILARIOUS? A CONGA LINE. DO IT. DO IT NOW! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
04-22 04:22 2 staff @jvowles Never provide your REAL contact information to the con staff responsible for issuing your reimbursement. That'll show 'em!
04-22 04:24 2 useful @zioncleric Bring something to pass the time while waiting. Be sure that thing has extra batteries.
04-22 04:24 2 amv @lheiskell You have this great idea for a Drama AMV contest entry. Ah! My Goddess Movie. Yes! No one has done that before.
04-22 04:27 0 hotel @jvowles You should definitely put off getting your hotel room until the last minute. Nobody goes to #Otakon anyway, right?
04-22 04:30 1 schedule @jvowles Immediately discard your program book, then complain that there's nothing to do in the 30 rooms of programming.
04-22 04:30 1 water @zioncleric Hah! Who needs "water"? You can run perfectly fine on Mountain Dew and packets of sugar for 3 days!
04-22 04:31 1 ego @jvowles When participating in any public discussion, it's best to assume everyone shares your narrow tastes and extreme opinions.
04-22 04:32 1 photos @jvowles The bottom of the escalators is the BEST place to stop people to get cosplayer photos.
04-22 04:32 0 marco @onsenmark There's ALWAYS time for a rousing game of Marco Polo!
04-22 04:33 1 amv @DasGreggo Submit an anime music video with Naruto footage, synced up perfectly to your favorite Limp Bizkit song. It'll be AWESOME.
04-22 04:36 -1 photos @Cadha13 Always take photos near stairs, escalators and motel room windows.
04-22 04:39 1 weeaboo @akitafuki Weeaboos are the best people to strike up a conversation with.
04-22 04:39 0 weapons @SpiralReverie #Latetothegame Open weapon bans are a SUGGESTION, and for pussies. People will respect you for waving a gun in their face!
04-22 04:49 0 hygiene @onsenmark Who the hell has TIME to shower? You might MISS something!
04-22 04:52 0 creepy @maridahhadiram Start long, one-sided conversations with total strangers about how you write in your death note. People find that sexy.
04-22 04:58 0 cosplay @akitafuki It's polite to fawn over cosplayers and bombard them with questions.
04-22 05:01 0 dealers @ichigosundae @jvowles That drives me crazy! Also, you don't need to take off *huge cosplay prop* before entering the dealer's room.
04-22 05:02 0 cosplay @Cadha13 Just wear a brown pair of pants and green suit jacket, and start to make #deadpansnarker comments about this con.
04-22 05:08 0 fanart @sw_inku make sure to cover up your lack of actual art and prints by having a tv looping anime or some sort of video game at ur table
04-22 05:16 1 dance @Driverbob Conga Lines - learn em, love em, live em, especially in the dealers room.
04-22 05:26 0 health @ANN_Ed Yes, ambulances are part of the regular programing, don't worry (unless you're the person they're putting in it).
04-22 05:38 0 hotel @ANN_Ed You don't need to reserve a hotel room, ~someone~ will let you stay in theirs.
04-22 05:39 0 hotel @ANN_Ed If that doesn't work you can sleep in the hotel lobby, that's why they put out couches.
04-22 05:41 0 hotel @DasGreggo @ANN_Ed Or in the video rooms. Nobody ever thinks to check in there for sleepers.
04-22 05:41 0 hotel @otakureview Don't forget those dark convention center corners RT @ANN_Ed: If that doesn't work you can sleep in the hotel lobby
04-22 05:42 1 cosplay @debaoki cardboard boxes make swell costumes. sure, you won't be able to sit down or see where you're going, but POCKY is sexy, no?
04-22 05:50 -2 press @Kevin4theWin make sure you're on the press pass list for journalism like @Kevin4theWin & @Omega_Zed unlike other sites we're established!
04-22 06:51 5 videogames @uminomamori YES, please tell me about your RPG character's life history in depth.
04-22 07:23 0 memes @LoboJoe Remember to scream out memes at the top of your lungs. Everyone in the vicinity will be impressed at your wit.
04-22 11:36 -1 cosplay @skeletalknight If you're fat, cosplay as a fat character or don't cosplay at all.
04-22 11:54 0 ecchi @kyaathecatlord Be proud of your hentai dvd collection, advertise for a private viewing in your hotel room! No age limit!
04-22 12:32 0 cosplay @keithel Make sure you make the largest/most cumbersome, but most awesome costume so you require 7 people to help accept your award.
04-22 12:34 0 water @keithel Make sure you don't drink water so that you pass out during the dance. Wouldn't want to waste the EMTs that the con paid for
04-22 12:34 0 hallways @keithel The best place to play DDG is right in the middle of a busy hallway.
04-22 12:44 0 memes @agentbishie It's a shame this new generation is unaware of older memes. Bring back the classics like "CHAIR". We'll all appreciate it!
04-22 13:51 1 hallways @stardust462 best place to talk with your 15 friends? In the middle of the hallway. Everyone else can just find another way around.
04-22 13:53 0 cosplay @stardust462 Sure, you can still enter your costume you bought in the craftsmanship contest. Just make sure you know what a serger is.
04-22 14:13 0 rules @sdshamshel Being with tens of thousands of other people is just like being in a room by yourself, so you should act the same way!
04-22 14:14 0 music @tjandamal one last #animeconprotip - Everyone in the hotel wants to hear J-pop/trance at full blast. For extra courtesy, loop the same 3 tracks.
04-22 14:19 2 music @kyaathecatlord Yes, Carameldansen is the Mona Lisa of music and I'd love for you to blast it repeatedly outside my hotel room.
04-22 14:37 0 hygiene @ananawa Smelling fresh and clean always helps
04-22 14:45 1 lines @skeletalknight Get your shit signed and MOVE THE FUCK ON.
04-22 14:50 1 food @lady_bealzabub Remember to eat. Trust me. :P
04-22 14:55 0 useful @Vegete Don't buy the food at a vendor in the con. You can spend half that at the deli across the street.
04-22 15:10 0 cosplay @tristencitrine Don't bother bringing cosplay repair supplies. Someone will have a glue gun and you can use it for everything, even skin!
04-22 15:11 0 bootleg @jzeitler Make sure you get a CD signed by the guests. Remember, "Son May" is moonspeak for "totally legit, honest".
04-22 15:14 1 bootleg @keithel It's perfectly legit for Haruhi figs to come in Sailor Moon boxes!
04-22 15:14 1 booze @taitaisanchez Alcohol poisoning is a myth. One more shot! Be a man/woman/furry/otherkin! DO IT!
04-22 15:17 2 memes @jzeitler If attendance is just shy of 10k people, you know what to say. Do so at the top of your lungs, repeatedly.
04-22 15:33 0 ego @JLeeBly You're the only one that'll be using the convention center bathroom -- go ahead and destroy every stall early Friday.
04-22 15:37 0 hygiene @Jfreekao if you brought your own toiletries, do yourself a favour and chuck 'em at the door.
04-22 15:40 0 fanart @JLeeBly Are you an artist? Just bring 500 copies of two androgenous characters making out. It's like printing money.
04-22 15:53 0 panels @alexleavitt After the panel is over, swarm the panelists with questions, so the next panel knows just how awesome the previous one was.
04-22 15:56 0 cosplay @noushisubs there is no too fat and no too small sized
04-22 15:58 0 thegame @laureninspace The Game is of highest importance to everyone. Make sure to let other attendees know they've lost.
04-22 16:01 0 useful @11DBHK "FYE back home totally has it cheaper", especially if it is a newly-released, legit, import only figure / plush toy.
04-22 16:05 0 dealers @11DBHK make sure you wear many hooks, loops, and wooden swords, so rotating wildly in a dealer booth alerts you to damaged merch.
04-22 16:08 0 ecchi @JLeeBly Bring $1 bills, because like a strip club, there are plenty of well-endowed girls with low self-esteem and a shopping list.
04-22 16:11 0 dealers @11DBHK the proper starting offer when haggling for a $60 figure is 15, then 13. Putting things on hold w/o returning is a compliment
04-22 16:13 2 memes @11DBHK one more: Wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and yelling 'mudkip' is not only cool, but tells fellow attendees you are 'in the know'.
04-22 16:15 0 lines @HT5K Make extra sure to steer the registration line into the street. Everyone in town should see your awesome cosplay.
04-22 16:17 1 bootleg @11DBHK okay, just ONE more: Spend an hour asking for recommendations on manga from a vendor. Download them when you return home.
04-22 16:25 0 staff @codemastermm @11DBHK @HT5K #REGEX Make sure your volunteers ask every merchant for free swag; they love giving things to those who help
04-22 16:33 1 dance @codemastermm Doing the Haruhi dance is a perfect way to pick up women. Make sure to do it in front of escalators and main walkways
04-22 16:51 0 lists @pdelahanty Why look at the list when you can just email asking where the nearest con to you is?
04-22 16:57 0 cosplayl @onac911 As long as you wear a white shirt, blue jeans, and unwashed hair, you will slowly become the perfect L.
04-22 17:01 1 hallways @11DBHK To prevent overcrowding, spend as little time as possible in the main hallways - run at top speed from event to event.
04-22 17:02 0 useful @Besthpfan something that's 40 bucks in vendor room was 15 bucks across the street at Sears. true story.
04-22 17:03 0 cosplay @magelet Remember to make your cosplay as skimpy as possible, regardless of your weight. Less clothing is always TEH SEX.
04-22 17:05 0 dealers @Apreche Be first in line for the dealer's room, and you'll get special goodies that sell out immediately.
04-22 17:07 1 cosplay @magelet Remember, everyone loves it when a person with giant props blocks their view. Sit front and center in every panel.
04-22 17:10 0 crossplay @magelet When crossplaying a man, there is no need to bind your chest. No one will notice that the "guy" over there has tits.
04-22 17:31 0 kids @borrie Ask if your 14 y.o. friend next to you can get into the 18+ showing you're about to enter. The answer surely can't be no.
04-22 17:32 0 money @Theranthrope I you manage to squeeze $30 out of your parents for the dealer's room, remember to squeeze at least $5 out of them for food.
04-22 17:33 0 cosplay @Theranthrope Cosplay: shiny satin and hot glue, that's all you really need...
04-22 17:35 1 booze @Theranthrope a suitcase full of booze can open many a closed door to otherwise "private" room parties
04-22 17:37 0 cosplay @Theranthrope Cardboard Gundam: that NEVER gets old
04-22 17:39 0 useful @VuTTran Make sure your Final Fantasy item is out, so Nobuo Uematsu can sign it, instead of the plastic bag cover it's in.
04-22 17:40 0 ecchi @Theranthrope Sure, she's over 18...
04-22 17:42 0 guests @ananawa Yoshiyuki Tomino will make you cry and die a little on the inside
04-22 17:43 0 vegas @magelet Cons are like Vegas: what happens there, stays there.
04-22 17:50 0 photos @SakuraMikage Stunna shades and DAT ASS poses are a must for every cosplay photoshoot.
04-22 18:13 0 ecchi @Theranthrope "Yes, those ARE real. No, you may NOT check!"
04-22 18:15 0 hygiene @Theranthrope "...It's called Speedstick it's not expensive"
04-22 18:16 0 cosplay @Vegete dispite what @magelet says, Fit Otaku look better in skimpy cosplay.
04-22 18:17 0 hygiene @Theranthrope When in doubt: Febreze
04-22 18:17 2 fanfic @taitaisanchez Yes, he's paying attention to you talk about your fanfiction, no he's not staring at your chest.
04-22 18:20 0 weapons @Theranthrope "It's NERF or nothin'!"
04-22 18:22 0 yaoi @magelet And in that vein, It's an excellent idea to slip yaoi under the hotel room door of the infamous anti-gay VA.
04-22 18:25 2 booze @Theranthrope THE LIVER IS EVIL AND MUST BE PUNISHED!
04-22 18:27 1 yaoi @animesg Oh yes...VAs just love it when you ask them if they appreciate the dirty yaoi fanfics done of their characters. *sarcasm*
04-22 18:30 0 sleep @magelet SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!
04-22 18:42 0 cosplay @Theranthrope "WHITE MAGE POWAH!" Is NEVER a good cosplay idea...
04-22 18:45 1 health @Theranthrope When you look at your sore and blistered feet at the con, think to yourself: "pain is weakness leaving the body"
04-22 18:47 -1 sleep @Theranthrope Who needs a hotel room when there's a perfectly good screening room to sleep in.
04-22 18:50 0 cosplay @axeonos wearing cosplay with a sign is good, wearing JUST the sign Bad
04-22 18:54 -1 yaoi @Theranthrope Anything "Cho Aniki" is just: no.
04-22 18:56 1 crossplay @axeonos well aren't you clever, you made a female version of a male character using just your boobs
04-22 18:58 0 ego @0taqueen Be sure always to speak your mind, even on the most controversial subjects. Fans love it when you keep it "real."
04-22 19:00 2 videogames @Theranthrope "Tatsunoko-what? Melty-who? Whoo! STREET FIGHTER IV!"
04-22 19:02 0 useful @heeroyuy135 Costco is your friend
04-22 19:03 2 food @Theranthrope Instant ramen is NOT one of the four food groups
04-22 19:05 -1 cosplay @axeonos doesn't matter how much you put into your cosplay, unless its seen on Adult Swim - no one will know who it is
04-22 19:14 0 ego @axeonos yes i spent nearly a fortune coming to this con JUST to hear all about your original character/how much you love that VA
04-22 19:20 1 management @tjandamal Whatever you do, don't let the guests find out until they arrive that they're staying at the Crackhouse Hotel.
04-22 19:23 0 staff @axeonos never mind that the staff are doing their jobs, working the past 9 months before to get this con ready, they're still lazy
04-22 19:29 1 management @JLeeBly Guest Relations loves it when you miss your flight or nail them with your version of "hidden fees" right before takeoff.
04-22 19:30 0 guests @JLeeBly Have a favorite guest? If flooding the forums hasn't helped bring them to your con, harassing them by e-mail surely will.
04-22 19:32 1 vawork @axeonos i'm very sure the VA would be THRILLED to hear about you wanting to be a voice actor, tell them everything in detail
04-22 19:34 0 management @JLeeBly Sure, why *wouldn't* we want to fly your manager down as well? Might as well throw in lodging and food while we're at it...
04-22 19:36 1 hotel @GTebbetts The Castlegate Hotel? Sounds like a WONDERFUL place for a convention!
04-22 19:36 0 dealers @axeonos dealers absolutely LOVE it when you try to steal from them, then deny when they have witnesses and price tag still on it
04-22 19:38 1 black @SakuraMikage Anytime a black person at a con sees another black person, they will keep a tally of it and most likely tweet/text about it.
04-22 19:41 0 vawork @Theranthrope At the VA Q&A remember to ask: "How do I become a VA?" & "Do you listen to the original Japanese?" VAs LOVE those questions
04-22 19:42 0 badge @JLeeBly When paying for your badge at registration with loose change, be sure to accompany it with a diatribe on how you found it.
04-22 19:44 0 staff @axeonos sign up to volunteer in advance - and not show up. staff love to ask old friends for favors to cover your ass all the time
04-22 19:47 0 staff @Theranthrope sign up to volunteer in advance, show up, THEN disappear. It's not like staff have better things to do than cover for you.
04-22 19:51 -1 rules @Theranthrope "BUTTON DO NOT PRESS!" Is only a suggestion
04-22 19:56 0 music @Theranthrope Karaoke song list: If it wasn't on cartoon network, it doesn't exist.
04-22 19:59 1 health @Theranthrope (@ Anime Vegas '09) By all means; stay up all night, don't eat all day, THEN donate blood. You'll be JUST FINE.
04-22 19:59 2 guests @axeonos the VA goes to 20 to 30 cons a year- of course they are going to remember you from 5 years ago.
04-22 20:01 1 photos @gmsenpai Taking a picture of your panel is a good idea, posting that picture on Twitter is a better idea.
04-22 20:04 0 sleep @kiss_my_a_soul save money, sleep in the hallway. It's not dangerous or annoying
04-22 20:05 1 cosplay @axeonos doesn't matter how long you spent sewing your outfit, people will still ask where you bought it online
04-22 20:05 1 booze @Theranthrope If you manage to budget more money for alcohol than food, then U R DOIN IT RITE
04-22 20:06 0 cosplay @kiss_my_a_soul always look at security officers. They love it when a man with fake guns stares at them.
04-22 20:06 0 food @Theranthrope Wei-Chi soup, good to that last drop
04-22 20:08 0 facepalm @kiss_my_a_soul stage fake riots, everyone gets a kick out of it.
04-22 20:09 1 hallways @axeonos best place for a mock battle/sword fight = blocking the entrance or right in front of escalators/elevators
04-22 20:36 1 feedback @axeonos telling staff they are sucking at what they are doing and how you would do it better is a great way to earn respect. -.-
04-22 21:06 0 panels @neito how many hetalia panels does the con have? if the answer is anything less than "all of them", complain loudly!
04-22 21:06 0 cosplaynazi @neito Dress up like a Nazi. Cus, you know. It's not like those guys were dicks or anything.
04-22 21:08 2 memes @neito Remember, if it was funny two years ago when you saw it on 4chan, it's still funny now! Keep yelling it!
04-22 21:11 -1 staff @neito Ignore volunteers. They're only there to ruin your good time, not to direct traffic or anything.
04-22 21:12 2 hotel @neito Hotel room capacities are suggestions. it's perfectly fine to squeeze 10 people into a room with one bed.
04-22 21:14 0 drama @neito Everyone loves cosplayer drama. Complain loudly about cosplay at every possible moment.
04-22 21:16 0 hallways @neito it's perfectly fine to block off an entire hallway to get a picture. anyone who complains about it is a hater.
04-22 21:18 0 weapons @Theranthrope Buy shurikens from a vendor, test how sharp they are by throwing them at a tree by con entrance... in front of a staffer
04-22 21:22 0 rules @Theranthrope I don't care what happened to your con booklet, ignorance of the rules is not going to LOWER the odds of me yanking your badge
04-22 21:22 0 hygiene @neito Don't bother to shower at all. That's time you could spend at the con! Don't worry, nobody will notice.
04-22 21:24 0 ecchi @neito Girls, dress like sluts. It doesn't matter that you're 14, all attention is good attention!
04-22 21:27 0 lines @Theranthrope line cutting is SOOOO endearing and moe~
04-22 21:28 1 yaoi @neito There may be people around who don't know you're into yaoi. make sure to inform everyone as loudly as possible.
04-22 21:29 0 guests @Theranthrope That restraining order from that one particular VA just means they respect your determination and love to play hard-to-get
04-22 21:29 0 lines @Theranthrope Line cutting is SOOOO manly and GAR
04-22 21:30 -1 hugs @neito there's no need to warn people before you glomp them. simply tackle them at full speed onto the hard concrete floor.
04-22 21:33 0 screaming @neito remember, the louder you yell your joke, the funnier it is.
04-22 21:33 7 giggity @Theranthrope "Anime con fangirls, I keep getting older, but they stay the same age."
04-22 21:38 0 parents @Theranthrope "No mom, it's an anime convention. It's about cartoons!" ...because telling her about all the gay-sex porn is a BAD IDEA
04-22 21:42 2 kids @neito it's bullshit that they won't let you into hentai panels when you're 17. It's not like it's the law; cons just make this up
04-22 21:43 1 meta @awesome_engine Being sarcastic about convention goers is a GREAT way to get them to change their behaviour.
04-22 21:48 3 rules @Theranthrope "I AM A UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL SNOWFLAKE." whom the rules do not apply.
04-22 21:50 1 ego @neito if someone says they didn't like your favorite show you need to get into a screaming argument with them to defend your honor
04-22 21:53 1 ecchi @neito if a girl displays even the smallest amount of cleavage, you must stare at it and drool.
04-22 21:54 1 stereotypes @neito there are no "real" girls that are anime fans, so feel free to be a sexist asshole.
04-22 22:22 1 hugs @axeonos those people carrying around expensive dolls/cosplay props are just bowling pins that love it when you glomp/bang into them
04-22 22:32 -1 music @axeonos carmel danson needs to be played continuously. the more you play it the more you will be loved by the fandom.
04-22 22:39 0 lines @axeonos the person in front and behind you in line can double as a pillow as you wait for the event
04-22 22:49 0 guests @axeonos Stalking is a way to tell that voice actor/cosplayer that you love them, love their style and find them interesting
04-23 01:38 0 hygiene @Theranthrope "Who needs a shower, when there's Febreze!"
04-23 01:47 0 food @Theranthrope The four basic food groups of the anime convention: cup ramen, pizza, sugar, and Chef Boyardee
04-23 02:58 0 cosplay @lheiskell If you're bringing your toddler to the con, COSPLAY. Extra points if you choose a dark/evil character. Toddler Gaara ftw
04-23 05:10 0 ecchi @rattmice You're not actually here for the con are you? No, you're here to get drunk and fuck jailbait because you can't do it at home
04-23 05:16 0 cosplay @VuTTran You spend a ton of money for a convention and you decide to waste it standing in line 3+ hours before the Masquerade starts?
04-23 05:27 0 cosplay @theariman If you think your cosplay is funny now, well then...get hammered as quickly and early as possible; it'll be HILARIOUS!
04-23 07:39 1 ecchi @Theranthrope Cosplay sex always sounds better on paper...
04-23 07:45 0 keepdreaming @Theranthrope You wish...
04-23 07:47 0 sleep @Theranthrope Why stay in an expensive hotel when there's a perfectly fine screening room to sleep in
04-23 07:47 0 ecchi @Theranthrope Why stay in an expensive hotel when there's a perfectly fine screening room to bang in
04-23 07:50 1 tv @Theranthrope Hit TV show idea: "ABC's To catch a Predator: Anime Expo Edition" (I know I'd watch)
04-23 07:53 0 vegas @Theranthrope What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... except for the STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and Sex Offender registrations...
04-23 07:57 0 parents @Theranthrope Go "...but mom, Anime helps me learn about different languages" when you've never heard anime in anything other than English
04-23 08:02 0 ecchi @Theranthrope "Rape-Lay" the LARP, is NEVER a good idea...
04-23 08:06 0 vegas @Theranthrope What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... doesn't count if you happen to live there
04-23 15:33 1 drugs @Vegete Stay away from the chicks huddled in the corner of the bathrooms, laughing, with nosebleeds, during the rave...
04-23 16:33 0 lines @Vegete instead of waiting in the pre-reg line 4 hrs before it opens, show up an hour or two before it CLOSES. Less peeps, more time
04-23 17:32 2 management @proz Even if 20 anime cons are in the state you live in, you should definitely start one yourself. Definitely never enough cons.
04-23 17:39 2 guests @proz All major anime cons can afford X Japan and have their managers on speed dial. Request for them, they'll get right on it.
04-23 17:44 2 management @proz It's true. If you start your own anime con, 5000 people will show up and it'll only take 6 months of easy work. No kidding.
04-23 18:01 0 badge @proz All cons are secretly free. Money given at reg is only a Suggested Donation. Print 100 badges for your friends, it's okay.
04-23 18:14 1 crossplay @proz The bigger you are the younger the character you should cosplay. Highly consider crossplay if youre a guy. Show lots of skin
04-23 18:16 0 staff @proz Con security is the best place to release all that pent-up hidden aggression on the attendees. They'll totally understand.
04-23 18:24 0 cosplay @empty_flowers When asking a friend to help you cosplay, make sure you only get your shit together last minute!
04-23 22:33 1 guests @proz All anime cons are secretly BFFs with Aya Hirano. Only reason she doesn't show up to any US cons is because of her shyness
04-24 02:26 0 press @AnimeJamSession AJS #38 - You should always be prepared when doing podcasts.
04-24 19:09 0 parties @Theranthrope Unless you WANT to be forcibly flogged and grogged, stay away from room parties with a pirate flag displayed on the door
04-24 21:17 1 guests @animesg VAs don't find it awkward at all when underage girls ask to marry them in Q&A. Someone is bound to come around so ask often!
04-24 21:20 1 industry @animesg Never anger the anime gods. @funimation has the power to bless your con or smite you down with a lightning bolt up your ass.
04-24 21:23 0 management @animesg When you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off at your own con...don't worry. You're doing it right. :)
04-24 21:38 0 sleep @animesg Only at an anime con is it considered acceptable to sleep in the corner like a hobo.
04-24 21:59 0 food @Theranthrope The chicken and rice MRE is not to be used as a personal lubricant
04-24 22:03 0 useful @Theranthrope When buying ramen to be cooked with the hotel room's courtesy coffee pot, make sure it is cup ramen, not instant ramen
04-24 22:04 0 useful @Theranthrope When buying ramen to be cooked with the hotel room's courtesy coffee pot, make sure that there is a courtesy coffee pot
04-24 22:11 1 videogames @Theranthrope The game Dwarf Fortress and anime cons have more in common than you know...
04-24 23:16 0 cosplay @proz 5 minutes before cosplay show starts so you can sign-up now & enter? No problem, you'll be the first one on stage.
04-24 23:17 1 events @proz There's a secret hidden door to get into every event even if con security claims the room is full. Look for it.
04-24 23:18 0 sleep @proz Bathtubs & Closets are perfectly acceptable places to sleep in crammed hotel room
04-24 23:21 1 ecchi @proz "If a woman tells you she's 20, and looks 16 - she's 12." - Chris Rock. Also an #animeconprotip
04-25 22:28 0 cosplay @animesg Dressing like an Otaku and then saying you're a meistes from Shakugan No Shana doesn't make it cosplay. It just makes it sad.
04-26 21:57 0 ecchi @Thedigitalbug It's completely not awkward to watch an 18+ hentai screening with a bunch of guys
05-06 15:49 -1 dealers @VasTheStampede Attempt to make a shopping list of what you want to look for in the Dealer's Hall, to help when you get distracted!
05-27 21:17 0 hygiene @colonydrop As Fanime approaches, here's an #animeconprotip: Think of showering as the anime that you have to watch every day until you die.
06-06 16:01 -1 staff @animesg When hosting a convention, always remember not to panic until the day AFTER the con. Then you may run around screaming.
06-06 16:06 -1 sleep @animesg Espresso is your friend. Especially when staying up to unholy hours and getting up at the ass crack of dawn to host a con.
06-06 16:10 -1 dealers @animesg The Dealers Room: Guaranteed to relieve you of your hard earned cash for that neko hat and keyblade you just HAD to have. :)
06-06 16:13 0 management @animesg Screening Room: The place for the Con Head to catch some z's before opening. Ignore the Vice when he come looking for you.
06-06 16:17 0 cosplay @animesg Anime Cons: The only place where people won't call you crazy for dressing up but instead will want to take your picture.
06-18 09:14 1 cosplay @TnAdct1 Need something to do for your cosplay skit, be original and just do the Time Warp from Rocky Horror.
06-20 21:14 0 hallway @ananawa Whatever you do, don't crash through or lean against a temporary partition wall.
07-22 05:01 -1 photos @Cadha13 make sure that your camera is as noisy as a Riced out Honda.