Lacrosse Plus matches are usually fought in soldier mode, though players may transform temporarily for travelling certain distances. Note that although the original designs for the base mecha of the teams have varying levels of capabilities, the lesser designs have been improved, and the more advanced models have been scaled back to an extent to save money, and make the teams fair.


VF11 Shinsei Industries' VF-11 Thunderbolt
is a long-standing member of the military family, and thus there were many units available to spare for the sport. In this picture the unit is shown with the Lacrosse stick mounted on the shield, as will be done while in storage or occasionally during the game when a unit is moving from one end of the field to the other.


YF19 Also by Shinsei Industries, the YF-19 "Alpha One" was developed as a replacement to the VF-11 Thunderbolt. This mecha was the eventual winner of a military contest to determine the best upgrade model, so many are watching this team closely in the seasons.


YF21 The YF-19 and YF-21 competed for the title of next generation fighter in the military forces, and L+ allows them to further demonstrate their respective abilities. The YF-21 "Omega One" was created by General Galaxy to replace the VF-11 Thunderbolt, which of course also comes up against it in L+. The YF-21's Brainwave Control System (BCS) provides a unique experience and challenge for pilots, but some of the team's pilots have opted for models of the unit with more traditional control methods.


X9 (X-9 pictured in flight mode, without Lacrosse Plus stick)
The Ghost X-9 was a top-secret unmanned fighter developed by the UN Spacy and the "Macross" Consortium. Being an unmanned craft, the Ghost X-9's advanced AI was a subject of great debate, with there being problems of it being too protective of itself, and not being justifiably better than a human pilot. The X-9 design was evolved into a newer X-9A model with transforming and hovering abilities and with much less AI. Some conversion attempts were made on X-9 models, but the procedure proved too costly. Although rules dictate that only teams with manned craft are allowed in the Lacrosse Plus League, unmanned craft may be allowed for exhibition games.

These pictures were modified from those at Dave Deitrich's Macross Mecha Designs site, a source of great information.

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