If you were looking for information about Lacrosse or Macross Plus, you'll have to look elsewhere. (See below) This site is meant to be a parody of the anime series Macross Plus. (In case you thought otherwise, I do like Macross Plus. And no, I don't have anything against Edmonton. :-)

Note: I'm not exactly the foremost expert on Lacrosse or Macross, but I've tried to merge them together reasonably. Comments and suggestions (ie: "You have too much time on your hands") are welcomed. The page is meant in fun, and as such is a fictional blend of Macross/Lacrosse, so information may have varying degrees of resemblance/correspondence with their respective domains. (For example, the X-9A was made up) At any rate, perhaps things will improve in the future.

Some Lacrosse resources:

Some Macross Plus resources:

Some Macross 7 resources:

Many thanks to Dave Deitrich and his Macross Mecha Designs site.
Lacrosse Plus became active 1997.06.28

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