There are five arenas in Canada that host Lacrosse Plus. These matches are in turn holovised around the world. Since the three-dimensional boundaries can sometimes be difficult to discern, unobtrusive grids of laser light beams illustrate the playing cube.

Leios Facility - Neo-Ottawa

The Leios Facility was constructed in the latter months of 2046 expressly for Lacrosse Plus matches, and offers the most flexibility of the arenas.

Mega-Toronto CosmoDome

Constructed on Toronto's Second Level in 2028, this enormous facility used to primarily house concerts by music megastars. With the advent of Lacrosse Plus, however, they've seen their available showtime eroded by L+ matches.
Also, the aging SkyDome was refurbished, and transformed into a parking lot.

Edmonton Ruins

Reduced to rubble and then abandoned as a result of the Fourth Conflict in 2035, the former location of Edmonton serves as an excellent obstacle-laden, "anything-goes" arena.

Arctic Plains

Although technological advances have made extended colonization of Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northern Sector more readily possible and even desireable in some respects, a section of it has been reserved for frosty L+ matches.

Port Julia Arena

An arena located in a geographical region of Vancouver Island that was recently created to amalgamate a number of smaller areas. The region is named after Julia Holbrook, one of the original chief implementors of Lacrosse Plus. This arena was constructed at approximately the same time as the Leios Facility.

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